5 Reasons to Love an Engineer this Valentine's Day

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We may be biased, but we’re pretty convinced that engineers make good partners - both professionally and romantically. Of course, we’re all unique in our own way, but there are some skills we pick up as engineers that just make us that much better as romantic partners. 

So whether you’re married to an engineer, or best friends with one, don’t forget to show them some appreciation this Valentine’s Day! And if you’re an engineer who’s already coupled up, don’t forget to show this to your other half to remind them of why you make the best partner ;) 

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1. We like planning

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But wait. That’s not all - we’re also pretty creative, which is why even though we’re often trusted (arrowed) to single-handedly take care of all the planning, we never disappoint. We’ve been trained to think and re-think decisions, anticipate and solve problems, and probably most importantly, log everything in an Excel spreadsheet. So whether it’s planning your surprise birthday party, a romantic road-trip around New Zealand or even our entire lives together, you can be very sure that our plan will be foolproof. 

2. We are good with numbers

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Don’t know how to split that complicated bill amongst your friends? Exactly how much will you save with those stacked discount codes? Say no more. With our love for numbers and research, we’re basically a walking calculator and we’re always happy to put our skills to good use. Just don’t forget to shower us with love after! 

3. We're good at fixing things

Step aside Bob the Builder because us engineers can definitely fix it. It’s just in our nature! We can fix anything if we put our minds to it - from stubborn Wifi signals to the most complicated IKEA furniture. In fact, according to Joy, who’s been married to an engineer for just over a year, “you don’t realise how cool this [being able to fix anything] is until you actually need to have your own place up and running.” Just sayin’!

4. We're great communicators

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We know, you’re shook. There’s a misconception that engineers spend all day talking to machines, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. While they are an important part of our work life, we also spend a lot of time in meetings with teams from different functions to provide support, solve problems and ensure that the engineering process is as smooth as possible. 

Working with people from different backgrounds has moulded us to become great communicators (smooth talkers) both at work and outside of it. We’re always open about our feelings and want to understand yours, which means that we’re less likely to run into misunderstandings! 

5. We're committed

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We’re one of the hardest workers ever and we rarely run away from a problem. Nope, we were born to solve problems! And we’re not just talking about our jobs. We show the same commitment and enthusiasm for our relationships too - or at least the ones that are important to us. But the good news? Engineers, on the whole, tend to prefer longer and meaningful relationships so if you’re already dating us, we’re probably in it for the long haul!  

There you have it - five awesome reasons why you should love an engineer this Valentine’s Day. Still not convinced? Check out these real-life stories that prove why engineers aren’t just professional changemakers, but also life-changing partners. 

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