Choosing Your Career Path - 3 Coolest Engineering Jobs in Singapore

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Searching for a job might be daunting, especially if you have zero to no experience, and if you are seeking for your first full-time position. Not to mention, the pandemic has made it even more difficult to seek full-time employment. Rest assured, you can find the best jobs in Engine Room for yourself with the help of Workforce Singapore’s Virtual Career Fair (VCF).

First things first, finding a job is much like finding a perfect spouse - you have to figure out your type!  Afterall, you will probably be spending at least a year or two in your first job. Are you the detail-oriented type, obsessed with quality and consistency? Or maybe you love the idea of creating a product from scratch and overseeing its manufacturing process? Read on to find out the different job opportunities in  Engine Room that are up your alley to find your best match!

Precision Engineering

Needless to say, this job is definitely for the detail-oriented and quality obsessed engineer. Precision engineering plays an integral role in the manufacturing of many applications and products in many industries like aerospace, automotive, medical equipment and more. There is an increasing need for aspiring engineers to fill this position across industries and this position is also open to those from an electrical, electronic, mechanical or optical engineering background.

 Robotics Engineering

Are you a pro in robotics, a robot whisperer by any chance? Most industries in Singapore would be actively hiring to fill the position of a robotics engineer as our country continues to invest resources to build a Smart Nation, which drives the need to have robotics experts in place to ensure smooth operation of programmes and machines across our city. As a Robotics Engineer, you can expect to come up with new ways to implement the use of technology to build a more connected nation. Think drones, Artificial Intelligence and the use of unmanned vehicles. But of course with such an interesting job scope, the position requires a niche skillset of a combination of mechanical engineering, computer programming and electrical engineering.

 Electrical Engineering

Are you that IT geek that takes apart his/her computer’s central processing unit (CPU) or latest iPhone just to check out its swanky new motherboard in all its glory? If this sounds like you, electrical engineering is definitely your thing! Electrical engineering positions are definitely the career path choice for computer savvy individuals who have taken an interest in circuit boards, routers and chipset elements. Why not give it a shot today by applying for one of the many jobs available at VCF?

 Find Your Place in The Engine Room with VCF

 Whether you have dreams of working with robotics, tech or manufacturing processes full time as an engineer, our VCF has got you covered with plenty of curated job opportunities on our website and career fairs. Check out a wide array of engineering jobs and jobs for other industries available on our site today! 

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