Engineers’ (better halves) Explain: The best thing about living with one

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Engineers are a bunch of passionate people. They are critical thinkers, problem solvers and visionary creators. They don’t just see the world but look deep into it for ways to improve lives.

If you’re an engineer reading this, you’re probably nodding in agreement to all of the above. But did you know that engineers are also fantastic life partners? Wait. Say whaaat.


Bet you didn’t know that April marks Couple Appreciation Month, so we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate the engineering husbands and wives who make a daily difference to the lives of their better halves.

Smart is the new sexy

It probably isn’t a surprise that engineers make desirable significant others. After all, smart really is the new sexy. For human resource specialist Novie who has been married to an electronics engineer for a quarter of a century, one of the best things about her brainy husband is that he’s not just a great dad, but also an excellent math and science tutor to their kids. She says, “They seem to learn from him really well and I’m not sure if this is good or bad, but they are all very logical thinkers”. Well, we’re not sure too…


Nothing like a quick fix

For newlywed Joy who got hitched six months ago, being with an oil and gas project engineer while (literally) building a home has been a dream come true. Her hubby took charge of the interior design when the couple bought their new flat and even got down and dirty by building things himself and making sure they ran right. She shares, “He is so handy to have around the house and can fix almost anything! You don’t realise how cool this is until you actually need to have your own place up and running.” Now who doesn’t love a hardy handyman?


A man who saves is a hero

And finally, married for a whopping 31 years, veteran home-maker Nancy shares that her secret to running a prudent household is tapping on her husband’s second biggest love (after her, of course) of being knee-deep in research. She says, “He can’t make a purchase without logging on to the computer first and is always on the lookout for solid deals. Best of all, he remembers all the details and never forgets a thing”. On hindsight, this last trait might not be the best thing in a couples’ spat… Just kidding!


And there you have it. Three real life stories to prove why engineers aren’t just professional changemakers but also life-changing partners. Still not 100% convinced? Well we’re bringing out the big guns with our funny friends from SGAG who can give you 99 more reasons (ok fine, maybe not that many) on why engineers are so worth marrying. So bring out the popcorn and prepare to be shook.

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