New Year, New Goals

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New Year, New Goals

Land a new job, get a promotion, learn a new skill. In a more normal year, these would be the career goals on everyone’s mind - they certainly were at the start of 2020. With 2021 still looking to be uncertain, you might cringe at the idea of setting new career goals. But hear us out: goal-setting is even more essential right now. It can help you maintain your productivity, give you a sense of determination and most importantly, a sense of accomplishment when you achieve that goal (we believe in you!). 

In need of some #inspo to get you started? We speak to two engineers, at different points in their careers, to find out their 2021 goals and how they plan on achieving them! 

Brayton Goh

2021 goal: Gain more experience, especially in areas I think I am weaker in.

How I’ll make it happen: Theoretical study and on-the-job training

Brayton joined AMD in 2017 as an intern, before landing a full-time job with their Semi-Custom Business Unit System Level Testing (SCBU SLT) team. TL;DR? Basically, he creates tests to make sure that some of the coolest products (like the Playstation 5!) can be used in the real world, outside of a lab. 

Over the last couple of years, he’s confident that he’s developed a solid foundation in SLT. It’s time to take things to the next level by actively tackling areas that he knows he’s weaker in through a combination of theoretical studying and on-the-job training. “Although theoretical study is useful, my experience at AMD has taught me that on-the-job training is the best teacher.” he shares. It may sound scary putting your hand up and taking on tasks that you aren’t so confident about, but luckily, AMD has a culture where they are willing to share, teach and help each other grow. 

While Brayton hopes that these new (brain) gains will nudge him closer towards a promotion, he’s also motivated just a little bit by the fact that on-the-job training can sometimes come with additional benefits - like going overseas. In the past two years and before the COVID-19 pandemic halted international travel, he was given the chance to visit AMD’s Texas and Canada sites to learn more about the specific products and how other teams work. 

A free overseas trip and a chance to learn something new? Sign us up! 

Chandru Rajwani

2021 goal: Make sure the company stays afloat during these difficult times and prepare ourselves to take on whatever comes next 

How I’ll make it happen: Sheer determination 

Mechanical engineering doesn’t just stop at the technical aspects of the job - Chandru Rajwani

As a young engineer, Chandru wanted to broaden his outlook and gain experience in different areas within the engineering industry. This motivated him to take up a Masters degree in Ship Management in Sweden, something many may think is quite far-fetched for an engineer! Since then, his love for engineering, ships and management has helped him progress into a senior management role at an offshore and marine company. Today, he oversees the efficiency of the assets the company has built, making sure they are properly maintained and running efficiently. 

Like many other businesses, they were affected by the pandemic - their assets currently run at approximately 50% capacity. His goal for this year is to make sure the company keeps going and ensure that no matter what, jobs are kept in place. “We need to keep the company lean and trim, but also keep our employees happy, so it’s also important that we keep work-life balance a priority”, he stresses. It’s a tough balancing act, but with sheer determination, he’s positive that their ship can weather this storm. 

What are your goals for 2021? Whether you’re looking to join the engineering industry or a veteran, we hope Brayton and Chandru have inspired you to set your own career goals for the year! 

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