Our Engine Room Partners Share Their #2020Goals

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Get fit, travel the world, get a promotion: these are some of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. But according to a statistic, 80% of us give up on our resolutions by the middle of February. Don’t despair! If you need some motivation to stick to yours, or even some #inspo on what goals to set, we’ve got your back.  

Read on to find out how our Engine Room partners plan on making 2020 their best year yet. 

I want to solve problems with engineering

Wai Wai, Computer Engineering student at Singapore Polytechnic, former intern at Infineon  

“I’m a final-year student, so my goal for this year is to find a full-time job that I’m interested in. When I was in Primary school, I hated maths. I was SO bad at it. I don’t know when things changed exactly, but these days, I love calculating and solving maths problems. I guess that’s why I chose to study engineering!"

I want to inspire and be inspired

David Heng, Education and Career Guidance (ECG) counsellor at ITE College West and former mechanical engineer

“As an ECG counsellor, I guide engineering students in their education and career journey. This year, I want to continue playing an active role in introducing engineering students to the various industries and jobs available. I believe that by collaborating more closely with industry partners to promote engineering, we can create a more positive image of the industry and inspire more to become engineers!

I also want to embrace lifelong learning. Apart from keeping up with engineering trends, I hope to learn at least one new skill, like app development or advanced coaching techniques, that will help me improve my productivity.” 

I want to make every hour count

Leon Yew, Application Engineer at Makino Asia Pte Ltd 

“I’m currently doing a part-time degree at NUS in Mechanical Engineering, while working full-time as an Application Engineer at Makino. So naturally, my #2020goal is to successfully juggle both. Some say that working and studying at the same time is crazy, but I say: challenge accepted! It just takes some proper time management and a little bit of perseverance.  

In fact, I’m going to challenge myself even further at work by learning new skills in micromachining and 5-axis machining, all whilst making time to play badminton at least once a week with my colleagues. Work-life balance? Nailed it.”  

I want to make every employee a happy one

Saiful Amli, HR Executive under the Workforce Transformation Section 

“I have an ambitious dream of making Murata the Employer of Choice for aspiring engineers and technicians, especially amongst students. To do so, I’m setting myself a personal goal to advocate “Employee Happiness” by addressing workplace relations, improving the working conditions and advocating for work-life balance. I believe that only if we have all these in place can we truly be the Employer of Choice.  

Outside of work, I love watching Formula One races. One of my life goals is to watch all the races all over the world live so I can be close to the action. Hopefully, this year takes me one step closer to achieving this!”

What are your goals for 2020? From learning something new to starting a full-time job, we hope our Engine Room partners have inspired you to make 2020 one of your best years too! 

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