There’s no such thing as a typical day for this engineer at Micron

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When most of us think of semiconductors, the word “boring” comes to mind. But for Lee Ming Hui, this couldn’t be further from the truth. After graduating with a degree in Material Science and Engineering, he dove headfirst into the industry as a Manufacturing Engineer at Micron Technology Inc. and has never looked back. In less than three years, he rose through the ranks to become a Process and Equipment Senior Engineer at their newly expanded wafer fabrication facility.

So, what does the life of a Process and Equipment engineer look like?


1. Meeting rooms, not cleanrooms

Ever wondered if engineers and technicians in the semiconductor industry always have to be in cleanrooms? In reality, engineers like Ming Hui spend most of their time in meeting rooms! To help ensure processes are as streamlined as possible, Ming Hui regularly holds meetings with vendors and suppliers to explore ways to better improve and automate processes.  

2. Teamwork makes the dream work

When he first joined as a Manufacturing Engineer, Ming Hui faced a steep learning curve as he learnt how to use various types of tools and data software needed for the role. Luckily, Micron provided ample support in the form of training courses, and he soon found his feet.

Now, as a Process and Equipment Senior Engineer, he faces a different set of challenges. He’s been given more responsibility and his team now counts on him to make decisions. While he uses data to help him make some of his decisions, he believes that “no one can do everything alone” and also looks to his managers and peers for advice, encouragement and new perspectives. As a team, they support each other by working together to come up with innovative solutions to problems. 

3. Engineering Project or Passion Project?

Employees are also encouraged to pursue their passion and work on projects in other areas. Ming Hui and team developed a programming script to automate reporting, which significantly improves productivity. This new idea has not only won him an award but also has been implemented in Micron’s Japan and Taiwan manufacturing facilities! 

Being a Process and Equipment engineer in the semiconductor industry is anything but boring and repetitive. It’s a fast-paced role in an industry that is constantly innovating and adopting new technologies, and if there’s one thing that Ming Hui will always be able to count on – it’s the impact of his job and its value.

Ming Hui’s advice for aspiring engineers? "You’ll face challenges along the way but see them as opportunities. Be positive!” 

You’ll face challenges along the way but see them as opportunities. Be positive! - Lee Ming Hui, Micron Technology

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