Top shows to add to your binge-watch list if you’re an engineer

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There’s never been a better time to indulge in all of the must-see shows and movies you’ve racked up since the start of the year. It may seem like everybody around you is out and about since we’re now well into phase 2 of our circuit breaker, but there’s nothing wrong if you choose to stay home and stay safe. Who’s to judge if you continue on your binge marathon?

And if you’re looking for more stellar TV to get hooked on to, look no further. We speak to a few of our engineering friends to recommend some of their top movies, shows and web series that speak to the problem solver in them.

So get comfortable, grab your favourite snacks and dim the lights. Here is our round-up of the top shows you should add to your playlist. 

Get stranded with Matt Damon on The Martian


Who could forget this space hit – an astronaut, trained in botany, left behind on Mars and improvising his way to survival? The movie is not only a thrilling ride, but also has been praised for getting many of its scientific, engineering and technical details right. It’s your chance to geek out over many technologies that, amazingly, exist in real life, like the self-sustaining farm, made-for-Mars spacesuits and the deep-space ‘habitat module’ where Watney (Damon’s character) spent a significant amount of time in.

“What caught my eye throughout the movie was how he was able to think and act like an engineer, in order to come up with technical solutions when facing life-threatening problems such as food shortages and communication interference.” – Hafiz, a diploma holder in Automation & Mechatronics Systems from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

Watch it on: Netflix.  

Theorise your way through Air Crash Investigation


While aviation accidents are rare, they do happen. Hear from eyewitnesses, passengers and aviation experts as they unravel and reconstruct some of the most tragic disasters in aviation history to find out what went wrong. From the 9/11 plane that hit the Pentagon, to the ‘Miracle on the Hudson’, this Nat Geo series is a gripping docu-series from start to finish.

“The show deep dives into many themes that are relevant to engineers. It looks at human error, mechanical faults and design flaws that are often the leading causes of flying tragedies, and also teaches us how we can prevent these from happening again.” – Kaden, a recent graduate from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Energy Systems and Management.  

Watch it on: National Geographic (Ch 411 on StarHub or Ch 201 on Singtel TV) 

Dig deep into the science behind automobiles on Engineering Explained

What do you do if you have an engineering education and a strong interest in cars? Be like Jason Fenske and YouTube your way to superstardom, of course. We’re kidding, but this car enthusiast takes his knowledge of automobiles to the next level by breaking down everything there is to know about vehicles. Want to find out how much air cars use? How cars drift? The best way to compare car engines? Engineering Explained has it all.

“There’s a wide variety of topics and examples on car technology explored in the YouTube channel. Even if it’s something as complicated as the tech behind internal combustion engines, everything is explained in a way that’s easily digestible. Jason makes use of clear detailed explanations with a simple whiteboard and has great comedic timing. It also helps that he gets to drive some of the coolest cars out there, like the Tesla Model X!” – Irshad, who graduated with a diploma in Precision Engineering at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Watch it on: YouTube 

Obsess over Unsolved Mysteries...and maybe solve one of your own


A Netflix reboot of the popular documentary-style series from 1987, Unsolved Mysteries tops our list for the ultimate binge-watch addition. Delve into 12 episodes of puzzling disappearances, inexplicable paranormal encounters and shocking murder cases that have been left out cold. Within just days of its release, the show’s creators received 2,000 tips from viewers to help solve the mysteries.

“The investigative nature of the show, the level of detail explored and how the creators arrive at different explanations of how things could have happened is what kept me coming back for more...until I finished it all. Maybe it’s my engineering background but it’s hard not to keep thinking about the different cases and read more about them even after watching.” – Arabelle, a Chemical Engineering graduate from Singapore Polytechnic.

Watch it on: Netflix

There you have it, four binge-worthy shows to go through when you’re next thinking of what to do in your spare time. Now this mystery remains: which will you first pick? 

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