Firmware Engineer

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    Contract, Permanent
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    S$5000 - S$6600

Job Description

Job Description

This Firmware Engineer ensures that the Technical Firmware Development   process is followed on the development project. Works with others to improve   the process. Designs, codes, tests, troubleshoots, and documents engineering   embedded applications.

  • Design   architecture of embedded systems, test and debugging plans.
  • Assess   embedded design on physical system (power, timing, etc.)
  • Organize   and plan work effectively to produce output according to budget and schedule   constraints.
  • Works as part of a project team   or as a leader of a defined section of a major project. Develops project   plans, functional specifications and schedules. Assists in determining   product needs and enhancements
  • Works effectively as a team member by communicating   clearly and efficiently to provide innovative solutions.

Job Rquirements:

  • Bachelors   of Electrical & Electronics Engineering or relevant courses
  • Good   programming knowledge on C/C++ for the device drivers development
  • Good   Knowledge on implementing Digital Signal Processing algorithms (Fixed/Floating)   especially the DFT, Filters and exposure to data analysis and interpretation   of the signals
  • Experience   with serial communication protocols (UART, RS232, RS485, SPI, I2C, CAN,..)
  • Knowledge   of network protocols (TCP, UDP, Bluetooth and other file transfer protocols)
  • Experience   with Real time Operating System (Unix, CMX,…) and driver development
  • Deep   understanding and hands on development experience with ARM microcontrollers   using RTOS in complex multi-team environment.
  • Experienced   in the embedded product development and testing
  • Experienced   in Hardware Design and Development especially in the High Power circuits
  • Familiarity   and Exposure to Analog and Digital circuits
  • Familiar   with MatLab, Simulink, FPGA programing, ARM, STM32, ADC, DAQ, etc.
  • Experience   in Motor Control (BLDC) modelling & simulation, control algorithm   development, integration and testing on embedded platform is a plus.
  • Knowledge   of working of various drilling systems e.g. oil, fuel, air, bleed etc.

Closing on 05 Feb 2021

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