Junior Software Engineer (Server)

  • Job category
    Engineering, Information Technology
  • Job level
    Junior Executive
  • Contract type
    Permanent, Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$1 - S$1

Job Description

Job Description:

We're looking for a Junior Server Engineer to work on and maintain Mobile game applications Service Layer which will be served worldwide.


* Design and implement Server side APIs in elegant, efficient, secure, highly available, and maintainable way.

* Work closely with client engineers and game designers to ensure technical compatibility and user satisfaction.

* Design workflow and components of technical system based on game design requirements.

* Monitor timeline for server team in the project to ensure no bottleneck and able to deliver in time.

* Develop tools and processes for efficient deployment process.

* Code review and give feedback and suggestions to improve code base in terms of efficiency and readability.


* Education: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, related field OR equivalent work experience

* 1-3 years of experience in production software development and/or operations

* Deep knowledge on relational database for configuring database, designing efficient tables and query.

* Ability to design and write efficient setup and deployment scripts for application deployment

* Experience in Linux configuration and administration

* Experience with distributed Source Code Management (SCM) tools, e.g. Git

* Hands on coding experience in PHP, Python or Bash scripting development and related operations

* Some experience with operational provisioning tools, e.g. Ansible, Puppet or Chef

* Deep knowledge in AWS Architecture and Services is a bonus.

* Prior experience in working cloud applications on AWS is a bonus.

* Ability to design and setup high availability infrastructure in AWS across availability zones and availability regions is a bonus

* Ability to design and setup infrastructure on AWS taking advantage of disaster recovery design guidelines is a bonus

Closing on 18 Mar 2021

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