Principal Consultant, Risk & Modelling

  • Job category
    Consulting, Engineering, Risk Management
  • Job level
    Middle Management
  • Contract type
    Permanent, Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$8000 - S$15000

Job Description

The Principal Consultant, Risk & Modelling is responsible for professionally and efficiently finding, winning and delivering projects. The Principal Consultant will be the face of BMT Risk & Safety throughout Asia Pacific and will play a pivotal role in aggressively growing BMT’s offering in this space. The ideal candidate should be a motivated self-starter comfortable moving from project delivery to business development. You have solid Oil & Gas and LNG experience, and you are excited by opportunities to seek out and work with clients in other sectors.


  1. Mentors the Risk & Modelling Team and acts as the most senior member of the team
  2. Assists in the leadership of the Risk and Modelling team being responsible for sales (existing and new customers) (but not responsible for team performance)
  3. Facilitates and conducts Process Risk & Safety projects
  4. Monitors and conducts various risk assessments such as Quantitative Risk Assessment, Safety Cases, HAZOP, HAZID, SIL etc.
  5. Manages and maintains good working relationships with clients and agencies
  6. Is an active participant in marketing and business development activities in the region developing business opportunities within BMT and externally
  7. In addition to these duties, the post holder may be required to carry out such other duties as may reasonably be required, from time to time, to achieve the above role purpose.


  • Bachelor or Master Degree in Engineering (Chemical or Safety, Health and Environment, Process Engineering)
  • Minimum 12 years of experience in process risk & safety engineering / consultancy work
  • Experience in Safety and Risk Management (PHA, QRA)
  • Understanding of SIL, RAM, Safety Management Systems, Process Safety Management and Asset Management
  • Strong analytical and project management skills
  • Skills in computer-aided Consequence and Risk modelling software
  • Self-motivated, strong ownership of work and focus on quality


  • Value People - Actively demonstrates respect and trust for others. Gives constructive feedback to colleagues, both positive and developmental as appropriate. Communicates openly with people and does not talk about individuals or issues connected with individuals without them knowing. Every opportunity is taken to promote own personal development and the development of others. Good work done by others is always recognised.
  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills - Communicates effectively by using a range of methods and styles that are appropriate to the individual, group or situation they are dealing with. Demonstrates they are flexible and adaptable in their attitude and behaviour towards others. Understands the impact of different styles of behaviour on other people and chooses style appropriately. Is clear and accurate whether communicating verbally or in writing. Uses appropriate method of communication given the prevailing situation.
  • Customer Focus - Able to clearly identify and articulate customer needs. Always meets customer expectations. Communicates effectively and efficiently with customers. Able to build effective long-term working relationship with customers.
  • Results Orientation - Has clear goals and a ‘can do’ attitude. Takes responsibility for own work load. Remains accountable for work undertaken, from initiation through to completion of the work. Provides feedback regularly to those affected by workload. Is a self-starter who understands their own capabilities and strives to enhance them.
  • Strategic Thinking / Logical & Analytical Thinking - Able to take a medium to long-term perspective of work undertaken, as well as an immediate one. Can see the ‘bigger picture’ and overview when interacting with others. Pragmatic and objective when thinking through problems. Approaches problems with a framework in mind and collects & reflects before taking decisions.
  • Business Awareness - Has a good, basic understanding of how the business operates and of financial management as it applies to their role within the company. Can undertake the commercial and financial aspects of their job and delivers these elements to a quality standard and on time. Takes an interest in how their company is positioned in its market places. Knows who the key customers and competitors are in relation to their business. Is aware of how market information can be used to shape the quality and style of the service provided to customers.
  • Collaborative Working - Appreciates others' views and works to obtain a shared understanding. Forges partnerships for the long-term. Builds effective networks within and outside of their organisation. Relates well to people at all levels. Manages conflict and uses humour appropriately to enhance relationships with others.
  • Strategic Sales - Is able to articulate a holistic view of BMT capabilities and aligned to the BMT strategy can shape broad pan-Partnership offerings to strengthen the pipeline of future sales opportunities. Commercially focussed with a deep understanding of the nature of the customer needs and can leverage the benefit of the collective BMT offering in gaining real competitive advantage.
  • Marketing - Ability to promote the company's brand image and service lines. Putting BMT and its services into the minds of potential customers.
  • Ethics - Able to earn the trust and respect of others through consistent honesty and professionalism in all interactions. Always respects and maintains confidentiality with colleagues and customers alike. Keeps promises and commitments made to others. Behaves with integrity at all times and does not yield to pressure to show bias towards others. Does not seek manipulate situations or individuals. Avoids situations which present a conflict of interest or declares such at the beginning of a meeting. Does not misrepresent self or use position, resource or authority for personal gain.
  • Leadership - Is an effective role model of leadership demonstrating through their behaviour that they are committed to the goals and values of the business. When appropriate to the role, will delegate effectively to others with agreed clear objectives and expectations for individuals, holding them accountable. Can adopt a range of styles of influencing, negotiating and persuading, to gain support for his/her ideas or strategies.

Closing on 15 Apr 2021

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