Production Coordinator (Kitchen)

  • Job category
    F&B, Manufacturing
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$1800 - S$2800

Job Description

  1. Act as a production’s point of contact with the staff, lets the staff know where they need to be and when.
  2. Scheduling and transportation. The production coordinator tracks schedule changes and arranges for transportation.
  3. Supervise and delegates tasks to kitchen staff like running any errands necessary for daily production.
  4. Coordinating production workflow for one or multiple products. Planning and prioritizing operations to ensure maximum performance and minimum delay. Determining manpower and raw materials needed to cover production demand.
  5. Ensures timely deliveries to meet the deadlines.
  6. Other tasks assigned by the Manager.

Closing on 13 Feb 2021

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