RTL Design Engineers

  • Job category
    Consulting, Design, Engineering, Information Technology
  • Job level
    Middle Management
  • Contract type
    Contract, Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$5000 - S$8000

Job Description

 We are looking for highly motivated, SoC RTL Design Engineers who are responsible to ensure Right First Time Silicon Success.

· Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

· Architecture and Micro-architecture of complex digital SoCs and mixed signals SoCs.

· Be able to communicate with system architects and decipher system requirements and develop architectural specification of the SoC.

· Understanding the future market requirements and develop micro-architecture for the silicon to serve multiple generations of market is a big plus.

· Be able to micro-architect the chip considering low power and high-performance techniques.

· Be able to sign off GDSII working with DV, DFT and PD engineering teams.

· Be able to comprehend usual service level agreement features – Power, Performance, Area and Customer Schedule, and accordingly plan the development.

· Qualifications

· Candidate should possess a BS or MS with 5+ years’ experience in VLSI, Electronics, Electrical, Computer Engineering or Computer Science.

· Preferred Qualifications:

· Experience architecting, micro-architecting and designing SOC that involved embedded processors for storage, IoT, security and compute applications.

· Experience in functional safety, embedded processors, power management, MRAM, coherency, security.

· Knowledge of one or more Industry standard protocols –PCIe, NVMe, USB4.0, DDR, AXI, CHI, AHB, MIPI, Display port, Ethernet

· Knowledge of Clocking, Boot/Reset flows.

· Experience with System Verilog based power-and-performance aware SoC RTL development is a must

· Experience with Low power/UPF based design techniques.

· Strong background in scripting – PERL, TCL, Python.

· Understanding of software and/or hardware validation techniques

· Candidate should exhibit

· Demonstrate excellent Self-motivation, communication, strong problem solving and teamwork skills.

· Set aggressive goals and meet/beat the commitments.

· Flexible enough to work in a dynamic environment and multitask seamlessly.

· Ability to work independently and in a team

· Guiding and mentoring junior engineers

Closing on 12 Mar 2021

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