Site Assistant Manager Gas System

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    S$7000 - S$9000

Job Description

Job Description:

  • To ensure the preparation of engineering projects in the fields of FSU, FSRU,      FRU and LNG and NG on Powerships related to LNG and NG investments.
  • To provide necessary coordination with engineering and design firms, to check their work by making regular visits.
  • To assist in finding alternative suppliers by conducting market research on      the equipment to be used in the projects.
  • To check production processes, to ensure that the relevant shipyard,      subcontractor and permanent staff work in harmony by adhering to the      project plan.
  • To supervise the preparation of the macro and micro plans related to      mechanical projects regarding Powership investment and construction      projects.
  • To ensure that engineering drawings done during the production in shipyard      and technical Project requirements are done in related standards. To      report and correct possible nonconformities.
  • To prepare weekly and monthly Project progress report.
  • To get the as built drawings of productions when necessary, to ensure      necessary arrangements are done by the engineering unit.
  • To do the pre-checks for commissioning operations and to ensure the      organization of supervisors.
  • To coordinate and complete the commissioning processes.
  • To perform construction and installation operations by delivering the      products bought from supplier to subcontractor.
  • To keep records of the materials arriving on behalf of the owner, to ensure      that the materials are stored under appropriate conditions.
  • To keep the record of the inventory and to report it.
  • To join the FAT and SATs and to ensure the necessary reports are prepared.
  • To check the technical appropriateness of the materials to be purchased for      the project and to coordinate the procurement of appropriate technical      materials from the suppliers.
  • To arrange and record the required quality control files and certificates      related to equipment and laborers and deliver them upon the completion of      the project.
  • To carry out the control, prevention, action and improvement activities      related to the implementation of the procedures of the Occupational Health      and Safety and Environment Management Systems in the project field.
  • To ensure the employees, budget, time, machinery, equipment and working      environment opportunities allocated to the department under his management and the relations between them are used in a rational and efficient manner.
  • To carry out relationships with other departments and to conclude mutual      works.


Min a degree in engineering with at least 15 year of experience in the fields of FSU, FSRU, FRU and LNG. Powership experience prefer.

Closing on 07 Mar 2021

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