#SGUnited IT Governance & Compliance Senior Analyst

  • Job category
    Information Technology
  • Job level
    Senior Executive
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$4400 - S$5500

Job Description

Job Description & Requirements
  • Responsible  for the procedure and controls to assure compliance  with company and  regulatory policies and procedures as well as industry  best practices
  • Oversee  and draft/refine/update IT policies, procedures and  guidelines to  ensure daily operations and project management are  aligned with most  current best practices and regulations. Ensure that  such policies and  procedures are reviewed and updated regularly
  • Monitor and  review IT systems to ensure they follow policies and  practices. To   evaluate technology, identify controls, and keep  records  and ensure  all processes and governance are executed in  accordance to polices and  best practices
  • Ensure that staff has a solid understanding of  auditing  procedures and necessary independence to conduct their own   investigations. Prepare and compile audit records into coherent report   for the audit committees. Conduct pre-audit review if necessary
  • Assist  ICT Director and managers to analyse and identify  technology gaps,  especially in IT security and compliance,  and work  with the rest of IT  teams to implement appropriate changes and  improvements to close these  technological gaps
  • Promote, share and raise awareness of changes and update to IT policies / regulation / cybersecurity matters across the company
  • Oversee  and supervise ICT teams in the region to align the IT  development,  processes and interoperability among the systems across  entities. This  is to permeate Teckwah IT digitalization initiatives  throughout the  Teckwah group.
  • Possess a  bachelor's degree in  computer science or IT-related  discipline; competent in IT systems,  design and solutioning with  understanding IT security implementations.
  • With at least 4 years work experience, in IT system development, deployment and support
  • Familiar  with IT governance and auditing-related practice;  certification in Risk  and Information Systems (CRISC) or equivalent  would be an advantage.
  • Having  supported or carried out IT implementation or development  functions to  understand and enable the development of policies and  procedures
  • Responsible,  encourage creative problem solving, and promote a  constructive work  environment among staff across the different teams  and entities. Able to  direct audit functions while understanding the  risks associated with  operations and the emerging technologies.

Closing on 08 Jul 2021

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