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As trustee of the nation’s retirement savings, the Central Provident Fund (CPF) Board helps 4 million CPF members save for their retirement, healthcare and housing needs. Every CPF Ambassador plays a vital role in helping Singaporeans save for a secure retirement. So long as you have the passion and commitment to serve the public, you will find your niche in our big family.

Corporate Development

We have a strong corporate development team to engage our staff and support our business operations.  There is a wide range of job opportunities from Finance, Audit, Strategic Planning, Risk Management to Human Resource and Organisation Development.  If you are meticulous, enjoy planning and implementing internal policies to help meet organisation objectives, this is the job for you.


As the Singaporean population ages, there is a pressing need to help Singaporeans prepare financially for their old age. We are seeking suitably qualified and talented individuals who are passionate about working for the interests of Singaporeans, with a specific focus on CPFB’s insurance schemes.


As an analyst with CPFB, you will:

  • Provide actuarial support for the annual valuation and any actuarial studies (such as mortality experience studies) conducted for CPFB’s insurance schemes

  • Assess the actuarial implications and make recommendations in the conduct of policy reviews for CPFB’s insurance schemes

  • Review and monitor solvency risks related to the insurance schemes

  • Assess the actuarial soundness in premium calibration, surplus distribution, and risk management of CPFB’s insurance schemes

  • Analyse impact of changes to the Singapore regulatory framework/industry practice on CPFB’s insurance schemes  


Preferably with a strong background and experience in an actuarial setting, be self-motivated and at ease with:

  • Developing well thought-out recommendations based on qualitative and quantitative analysis of issues and data 

  • Making convincing presentations 

  • Multi-tasking in a fast-paced environment 

  • Working independently or with a team, demonstrating strong organisational and interpersonal skills

  • Analytics and statistical programming skills (e.g. machine learning, monte carlo simulations, R, Python) are a plus. 


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Closing on 28 Jun 2021

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