Director, Regional Insurance Services

  • Job category
  • Job level
    Senior Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$16000 - S$18000

Job Description

-   As a function of group risk manager, contribute to group risk management in APAC region, such as creating, expanding, improving Hitachi Group Insurance Programs (PGMs) especially commercial insurance lines.
   - As a representative of Hitachi Insurance Services (HIS) in Japan, responsible to collect, investigate, analyze information of insurance market and Hitachi group business in the region. Also provide liaison services with HIS's business partners in the region and collaborate with HIS global network.

Key Responsibilities

Understand wide range of Hitachi group business to review and strengthen risk management. Especially commercial risks solution, such as property and casualty lines, FinPro lines.

Report to HIS HQ in Japan regularly on insurance markets, Hitachi group business in the region. e.g. weekly report, attend HIS global meeting at HQ in Tokyo (twice a year), if possible.

Collect and analyze market information and build up a relationship with insurers/brokers in order to manage PGMs reasonably and competitively (premiums, coverage).

Understand instruction/direction of Hitachi HQ and leverage HIS global network, keep and maintain Hitachi group Global Programs (GPs) related to specific insurance lines (other than PGMs).

Able to travel for business throughout the region to discuss/consult with Hitachi group companies related to insurance matters, when possible. Also to discuss, negotiate with insurers/brokers to achieve PGMs improvement.

Communicate with managers of Hitachi group companies in HQ Japan and regional, insurers/brokers from Japanese Marketing Division, to execute the roles, activities and business practices.

To visualize and share information among Hitachi group companies, compile data, create “Insurance coverage map”, then discuss/consult with them.

Manage and improve team performance. Encourage team members to understand roles and goals based on Hitachi group business   growth/changes and top management policies. Give advices on daily   transaction.

Create documents/files based on request by HIS, such as planning, budgeting, and PGMs/GPs information etc. Attend to HIS business travelers throughout the region.

Create new value, solutions for Hitachi group risk management based on collaboration with wide variety of parties/organizations. In accordance with changes of business portofolio and market, be agile and actively.

Minimum Requirements

Bachelor’s degree related to roles and responsibilities

Qualification of Insurance Agency/Broker, Professional of Financial Planning

More than 15 years of experiences related to insurance services and risk management.

Experiences of collaboration with group/affiliated companies (including outside partners) regional level, team management, especially for Japanese companies/organizations.

Knowledge/skills of insurance services and risk management in the view of wide range of business portofolio

Ability and experience to create and manage regional and/or global insurance programs (over 50 participants).

Ability to collaborate and communicate with various people/parties concerns not only group companies but also outside partners.

Knowledge of Hitachi group business situation and skills/ability of consultation related to insurance matters.

Able to communicate efficiently with HQ in Japan and all regional partners/companies.

Accept oversea trips and transfer/relocation to other countries based on HQ's direction (if business situation will be changed).

Closing on 20 Mar 2021

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