Financial Services Representative

  • Job category
    Banking and Finance
  • Job level
    Senior Executive
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  • Location
  • Salary
    S$2700 - S$5000

Job Description


Financial Services Representative

Roles & Responsibilities

A Financial Services Representative to counsel clients on potential investment opportunities, by exercising their knowledge of investment strategies, securities, tax laws, pension plans, real estate, and insurance.

Determine the client's assets, liabilities, cash flow, insurance coverage, tax status, and financial objectives in order to suggest financial alternatives that will co-ordinate with both the client's short term and long term financial goals.

• Analysis of client's financial status, developing client value proposition plans

• Establish relationships to ensure that the client retains the Representative for wealth management services over the longer term.

• Prepare and submit recommendation documents to implement a plan selected by the client.

• Advise clients on appropriate investment products, financial and wealth management services/products.

• Regular ongoing contact with the client to revise financial plans based on the review and modification of client needs or changes in the investment market.

• Arrange suitable insurance for the client, recommending the amount and type of coverage using a needs based approach.

• Keep abreast of the financial markets, constantly monitoring the specific investments in the client's portfolios, and keep up to date with new investment strategies and investment vehicles.

• Develop and cultivate a superior client base through on going servicing.

• Attend Financial Services Representatives meetings and continuing education sessions to retain and develop knowledge about products, services, policies, and acquire the required relevant CPD certification.

• Prepare and deliver presentations/seminars to clients and prospects for business development purposes.

• Comply with all company/industry rules and regulations.

Closing on 19 Mar 2021

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