• Job category
    Banking and Finance, Building and Construction, Real Estate / Property Management
  • Job level
    Senior Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$10000 - S$12000

Job Description

Job Responsibilities:

1. Align with company's strategic development goals and requirements, expand financing business and operations, formulate and provide project financing solutions, and plan for the implementation;

2. Monitorthe implementation of financing projects, provide recommendations in professional fields, and be responsible for project analysis and evaluation, and management of the financing project;

3. Organize and implement various financing tasks, including preparing cost analysis, writing feasibility study reports, drafting financing plans, submitting approved plan and monitoring the implementation;

4. Responsible for sourcing of financial capital, planning of financing projects, setting and completing the financing target in accordance with the company's requirements, and raising funds through equity, funds and other methods;

5. Be responsible for the sourcing of various financing channels, establish and maintain good cooperative relationship with banks, trusts, funds and other institutions, and provide financing support for the development of the enterprise;

6. Be responsible for the financial policy research on real estate and construction projects, keep track on various regulations and policies of the capital market and policy trends of regulatory agencies;

7. Preferably know the related marketing market in China. Need to prepare and attract investors from China market.

Job requirements:

1. Above 42 years old, Full-time bachelor’s degree or above, major in banking, economics, finance or related field;

2. More than 18 years of relevant work experience in real estate financing, funds, M&A funds, private equity funds, etc., familiar with relevant policies and regulations;

3. Abundant financing channels, financing analysis ability and judgment ability;

4. Strong market development ability, capital operation ability, project review ability and decision-making ability;

5. Have successful experience in independent project financing and fund management experience;

6. Have enough potential customers.

7. Good communication skills, interpersonal sensitivity, high emotional intelligence, and strong ability to withstand stress;

8. Strong social network and good relationship with China, Vietnam or Cambodia local government.

9. Able to communicate in Mandarin (to liaise with Chinese speaking clients and associates).

Closing on 23 May 2021

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