Full Stack Software Engineer

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    Information Technology
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  • Salary
    S$9000 - S$18000

Job Description

Your Role

As part of the Fullerton Digital Transformation Journey, we are looking for a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer to design, build and support our new cloud-based applications and digital capabilities. You will be reporting directly to the Head of Technology & Transformation.

You will be working closely with company’s leadership and stakeholders across the entire firm to build the next generation of Fullerton applications aligned with Fullerton business ambitions. As a founding member of the team, you will have the opportunity to design and set the technical foundations of high quality software development practices in Fullerton and ship the first version of our new capabilities into production.

Your Responsibilities

  • Be responsible for designing and implementing solutions that address end user’s requirements and deliver proven and true business value
  • High quality software using Craftmanship development best practices such as behaviour/test driven development, continuous integration/delivery/deployment, legacy refactoring tasks to keep technical debts at its bare minimum.
  • Software development leveraging the AWS stack and ecosystem (APIs, Microservices, serverless application, etc)
  • Implement MAS software development guidelines to deliver applications compliant with regulations.
  • Conduct detailed product testing/unit testing/ integration testing to ensure full functionality of the application before the production release
  • Provide support and bug fix and contribute to the continuous improvement of our solutions
  • Seek proactively the best technologies and practices for the problem being solved: security-wise, scalability-wise, maintability-wise and UX-wise
  • Engage in the improvement of our continuous integration and continuous delivery processes
  • Be a team player and cooperate in pair-programming sessions and code reviews
  • Share your best practices and technology knowledge with the team
  • Develop and maintain documentation related to software development as required for compliance needs and quality management processes.
  • Be an enthusiastic learner

Your Experience

  • You should have 7 to 10 years of experience in developing cloud based application, front end and back-end.
  • A proven experience is the Finance industry is a must and ideally in the asset management.
  • You have ideally an experience in implementing quantitative models and numerical computations.
  • You are familiar with MAS Technology Risk Management guidelines related to software development requirements.

Your Expertise


  • Strong development skills in Python is a must
  • Experience with test automation tools and familiar with Pytest unit test framework
  • Proficiency with fundamental front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React
  • Strong experience with AWS environment and components related to APIs, Serverless features, Containers is a must (AWS Certifications)
  • Proficiency with version Control such as Git or CodeCommit is a must
  • Successful implementation of Continuous Integration and Delivery practices from development to production environment (Ansible)
  • Familiar with implementation and management of SQL and NoSQL databases.

Methodology & Practices

  • Agile
  • Craftsmanship – Clean code, TDD, BDD, pair-programming
  • Security by Design

Interpersonal Skills

  • You are able to demonstrate strong leadership with strong inter-personal communication skills
  • You are independent, hands on, able to multi-task and open to working on different IT areas
  • You have a good attitude as a team player with good communication and strong troubleshooting skills
  • You are able to rely on experience and judgement to achieve your objectives

Your Education

  • You have minimum a degree in Computer Science with a reputable university


  • You will be remunerated according to your level of experience

Closing on 12 Dec 2021

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