Manager - Treasury Operations

  • Job category
    Banking and Finance
  • Job level
  • Contract type
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$3000 - S$5000

Job Description

Finance Management

• Monitor and update branch’s Nostro cash flow positions based on branch daily operations. Promptly inform Treasury Front Office if the Nostro balances run low for them to replenish the account.

• Support Treasury Front Office with the updated Cash flow positions for their daily liquidity management.

Risk Management & Compliance

• Ensure all limits (FEEL, Intraday /overnight limits of Dealers, Dealers Limits, and Counterparties limits) are traded within the approval limits.

• To minimize audit objections and improve audit rating for the department and ensure any audit objections are resolved in an minimal time frame for better governance.

• Ensure all deals are settled timely and efficiently to avoid costly overdraft costs and other compensations • Minimize settlements risks by ensuring all deals confirmations are sent out timely and with accuracy. Any discrepancy must settle with counterparty immediately.

• Ensure regulatory reports are prepared in due diligence and submitted within date line.

• Ensure all payments are paid timely and accurately and minimize operational errors in settling transactions.

• Performs reconciliation of all treasury transactions on a daily basis. Any non-receipts or payments of any transactions, matter will be taken up immediately and resolve with utmost effort to minimize losses and operational costs.

People Management

• To be able to communicate with team member and co-worker for better understanding and work together amicably as a team.

Liaisons with counterparties

• Follow up with counterparty immediately if there is discrepancy in the trade details and rectify within time frames.

• All queries and disputes with counterparty to be resolve promptly and with utmost effort as not to jeopardize the relationship with our counterparties.

Closing on 14 May 2021

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