Portfolio Manager

  • Job category
    Banking and Finance
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$15500 - S$16500

Job Description

Portfolio Manager of a fund trading in long-short equities and derivatives

Educational background:

Ÿ Degree in accounting, commerce or finance

Ÿ Fluent in written and spoken English

Ÿ Excellent computer skills (MS Office, Bloomberg, Reuters,)

Job knowledge and experience:

Ÿ At least 10 years financial markets experience in the financial services sector, with 3 – 5 years providing financial advisory services and managing a fund or family office money in a comingled vehicle

Ÿ Past work experience should include working with asset management firms, multi-family offices or Tier 1 investment banks.

Ÿ Track record of managing AUM of S$500M across a range of asset classes, with a focus on public equity and fixed income

Ÿ Track record of building and scaling an asset management firm / multi-family office

Job description:

Ÿ Singapore-based investment manager with global finance markets experience

Ÿ Independently manage a long-short equity fund within fund, risk and regulatory mandates

Ÿ Bring in substantial seed capital to successfully launch a fund

Ÿ Seeking and acquiring investment opportunities and conducting investment due diligence on such opportunities

Ÿ Monitor and track investment returns and report monthly or quarterly performance

Ÿ Follow and analyse macro and micro financial data

Ÿ Continuously maintain high knowledge of economical and political situation

Ÿ Pro-actively participates in investment management process


Ÿ Preparing the attribution reports for the fund on a monthly basis.

Ÿ Prepare and provide updates from the Company to the Board of the fund, and any such asset management services as requested by the Company

Closing on 06 Feb 2021

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