• Job category
  • Job level
    Junior Executive
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$2300 - S$2700

Job Description

Job Duties and Responsibilities


1. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of Work process business plans to achieve the company goals and objectives.

2. Promote the company’s core values, business objectives and targets, including the development of supporting personnel and features for the continued growth of the company.

3. Participate and contribute actively as a member or Chairman in the various committees of the company or any other company wide gathering, and recording of minutes at meetings when appointed as the Secretary.

4. Arrange for and/or conduct meetings between team members, and between team members and clients.

5. Evaluation of the team’s work performance and skill set on a daily basis.

6. Write to internal or external customers effectively and concisely.

7. Assist the Project Manager with the development of Business Plan, improvement plan or operating procedures.

8. Implementation of the IMS system within the department or at site.

9. Implementation of the operating procedure within the department or at site.

10. Identify the training needs and liaise with HR & Training Department for the projects and subordinates under charge.

11. Conduct On-the-Job Training (OJT) for subordinates and peers.

12. Assist and support the Project Manager in their daily duties.

13. Act on behalf of the Head of Department in his absence.

14. Performs any other related duties as assigned by immediate supervisor/GM.

Project Management

1. Liaise with clients and interested parties to define the job scope and identify the job and resource requirement, including the forecasting of departmental requirement.

2. Conduct the Site Kick-Off Meeting on site whenever a significant new job is assigned or a significant job is repeated.

3. Arrange for site entry pass and Permit To Work as and when necessary.

4. Work with department manager and the Commercial department to review / develop the detailed job tasks and the required man-hour for all job tasks to ensure prevalence in the execution of work and the budget allocation.

5. Planning of the project schedules, resource and skill requirement, and recording of the manpower, skills, tools & equipment and transportation requirement and utilization in the ERP system on a daily basis.

6. Manage the monthly manpower planning, especially on the control of maximum 12 hours per day work, maximum of 12 consecutive working days and maximum of 72 hours per month overtime work to adhere with the statutory regulation.

7. Record the details of the work done whenever the Client issued the Work Requisition (WR) and to submit the WR with the details to the Commercial department on a daily basis.

8. Request for the issuance the Job Number through the ERP system with the job detail on a daily basis for the comprehensive maintenance job or monthly basic for long term contractual job.

9. Perform daily check on the variance of the budget versus the actual Man-hour and on the mismatch of the resource and skill allocation to control the execution of the job as planned and within the work schedule in order to achieve productivity and profitability.

10. Facilitate the Commercial department in the delivery of the SR and Tax Invoice to the Client for acknowledgement and endorsement, and the collection after the Client’s endorsement.

11. Communicate the progress and the issues of the project to the interested parties on a timely basis.

Minimum Requirements

1. Minimum a Diploma in Engineering.

2. Minimum 2 years relevant experience in the mechanical engineering field.

3. Minimum Class 3 Driving license.

Closing on 24 Apr 2021

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