Restaurant Manager

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  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$4500 - S$6000

Job Description

Job Brief

  • We are looking for a Restaurant Manager to lead all aspects of our business. You will deliver a high-quality menu and motivate our staff to provide excellent customer service.
  • Restaurant manager responsibilities include maintaining the restaurant’s revenue, profitability and quality goals. You will ensure efficient restaurant operation, as well as maintain high production, productivity, quality and customer-service standards.
  • To be successful in this role, you’ll need management skills and experience in FOH with experience to interface with BOH, which is under Head Chef responsibility.
  • We’ll expect you to lead by example, with responsibility and punctuality, and with ability to uplift our staff during busy moments in our fast-paced environment. Ultimately, you will ensure our restaurant runs smoothly and customers have pleasant dining experiences.

About our Restaurant Concept

  • TUGA is a Portuguese Restaurant, Wine & Gourmet products shop. Being a Restaurant, we serve only Portuguese food as a specific “tool” to support the sales of our wine & gourmet products.
  • Please always remember that you will be the ultimate “front face” of our restaurant and you will be the main responsible person for our customers’ experiences.
  • You must oversee the work of our Food & Wine Advisors (floor servers) making sure they ensure that our tables are clean and tidy when guests arrive, that they present menus and serve food and beverages with efficiency and quality, highlighting how the food is prepared and cooked and the particularities of our wines.
  • You need to enforce they work quick on their feet (literally and metaphorically) and have always a polite and friendly attitude to all guests.
  • A smiling attitude is a must and there is an important saying in restaurant business that is “The client is always right … even when is wrong”. Never ignore a complain, as silly as it looks.
  • Your ultimate goal is to ensure that all staff provide high-quality service and that will help us to maintain and attract customers.

Our Vision on Staff Training about our food, our wines and our gourmet products that we serve

  • TUGA will provide to You and all our restaurant Food & Wine Advisors (floor servers) adequate and intensive training to achieve an efficient knowledge on Portuguese food, Wines & Gourmet products. For that reason, your willing to learn is a must.
  • From the beginning you will receive intensive training on gourmet food products and wines, starting from general knowledge about wine, up to understanding of the Portuguese Wine Regions, DOCs, native grapes, etc.
  • On staff working conditions, TUGA philosophy goes more than providing a good work environment with adequate progression on careers. We deliver a professional career to our staff.
  • More you progress well, more we will invest on your training, such as supporting you on getting certified Wine Courses, etc, all done and programmed under specific working conditions to be defined individually.
  • Your training will be continuously at all the time and our aim is to have you at an high level of knowledge on food & wines.
  • We will have regular visits from the Wineries and Winemakers that we represent, and dedicated training sessions will be occurred with regularity when they visit us.


  • Proven work experience in Restaurants in leading positions, or similar role, either as Manager, Assistant Manager, Captain or Supervisor .
  • Proven work experience in Restaurants in leading positions, or similar role, either as Manager, Assistant Manager, Captain or Supervisor.
  • Strong leadership, motivational and people skills.
  • Proven customer service experience with dedication and punctuality.
  • Extensive food and beverage (F&B) knowledge, with ability to remember and recall ingredients and dishes to inform customers and staff.
  • Attention to cleanliness and safety.
  • Patience and customer-oriented approach.
  • Excellent soft skills with a friendly attitude.
  • Responsible and trustworthy.
  • Hands-on experience in cashier duties.

If you feel keen to join us please join your CV, detailing your past experience, places where you have worked, duration of each work and reasons that motivated you to move to new jobs, as well as recommendations letters.

Closing on 23 Oct 2021

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