Senior IT Security Engineer

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    Banking and Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Insurance, Others
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    S$5000 - S$10000

Job Description

Job Descriptions:

Overall View of the Role

Custodian to ensure that all IT assets belonging to Singapore operations are secure against IT threats or in the event of incident the investigation and remediation, through the usage and administration of IT security components. Perform system administration related duties including advise, analyze, plan, implement, maintain, support (and retire/refresh where required) all locally hosted (On premise, Cloud) security components required to secure Singapore operations:

  • Maintain and ensure security components running in production are in a healthy state;
  • Analyze and recommend new security component acquisitions to meet evolving Singapore Operation’s needs;
  • Ensure IT is operated in a manner that complies with Bank Policies and frameworks, standards, circulars, guidelines and MAS regulated act, notices, circulars, and guidelines applicable to technology (Compliance, Audit, Risk Adherence). – security components
  • Ensure IT assets are protected and secure – security components
  • Assist in annual budgeting – security components
  • Be a key stakeholder and technology partner on the bank Digital journey.
  • Foster and champion bank PRIDE values within the technology department and imbue the department with a culture of teamwork, innovation, discipline, resiliency and dedication to how work is approached.
  • Provide day-to-day support for security components
  • Participate in the setup of test environments to ensure business can do their enhancements and new projects testing for assign applications.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategy, Planning, Mgmt. Reporting

  • Provide expert advice and support to technology management in the area of expertise
  • Contribute in the formulation a comprehensive Branch IT strategy covering IT policies and procedures, security, architecture, business solutions and operational functional requirements
  • Keep abreast of developments and innovations in the FI IT landscape
  • Provide mentorship, support and guidance to colleagues, share information and facilitate problem solving
  • Contribute in the yearly budgeting for IT expenditures and investments.

IT Operations

  • Ensure security components system health
  • Ensure prompt and efficient provision of IT support based on assigned area of expertise (includes request from Data center operations team)
  • Oversee contingency plans and ensure their adequacy
  • Setup and ensure security related monitoring
  • Manage the outsourced SOC operations and perform any L2 escalation assessments
  • Conduct scheduled VA scans on monthly basis and track follow-ups
  • Arrange and conduct recurring infra and network layer pen testing and track follow-ups
  • Arrange and conduct recurring firewalls rules validation and track follow-ups
  • Regularly monitor console and follow-up any possible security issues (identified through proxies, filters, IPS, DLP, NAC, AV/EDR, Cloud conformity / Guard duty, Tripwire, Imperva)
  • Ensure DDOS and WAF protections in place
  • Administer the PAM system
  • Serve as the 2nd party when lodging access via dual control
  • Maintain the physical safe where security related assets are kept
  • Maintain, review and update firewall rules
  • Custodian for HSM
  • Custodian for all Digital certs and encryption keys related to ensure certificate renewal is timely
  • Lead investigation team for any IT Security incidents liaising closely with Group.
  • Conduct initial investigations on events with suspicious behaviour
  • Provide co-ordination for the BCS/MAS exercise on the readiness in SACH (CTS, eGiro, G3) and MAS (MEPS+) Industry wide exercise.
  • Ensure IT assets are protected and secure
  • Maintain and ensure timely renewal of digital certificates and proper lodgment
  • Custodian to maintain technology wide list of digital certificates to ensure renewals are prompted in a timely manner
  • Ensure IT operations run in a manner consistent with high score from audit, risk, compliance assessments. The following to be operationalized as standard procedure against all IT asset components:

–         Administrative Accounts, Patching, Hardening, Network Perimeter Defense,      Malware, Multi-factor Authentication, Logging and Monitoring, Capacity Mgmt,     EOL/EOS Upgrades, Housekeeping, Backups,

  • Work with system stakeholders to ensure proper classification of system criticality and ensure design and architecture can meet the assessed criticality needs:

- MAS 644 defined Critical system – Ensure DR setup and working and can achieve RTO within 4 hours, RPO within 2 hours and maximum unplanned downtime of not more than 4 hours per rolling 12 months;

- MAS 644 defined non-critical system – Ensure HA/DR per stakeholder requirement

  • BCM related activity planning and execution
  • Review and Approve/Reject production change requests as part of TCAB committee
  • Raise CAB CR as necessary
  • Cutover related planning and execution
  • Ensure and maintain adequate test environments in good working order to support enhancements and new projects;
  • Track IT related spend against budget.
  • Write Memos to authorize procurements
  • Write Memos to get deviation approvals where required.

Application and Systems Development / New Platform Acquisition

  • Provide advisory on IT security related for all new systems or major enhancements
  • Work with project and application teams to provide security component provisioning to support the projects
  • Help scope and assess results of any application specific independent Pen test engagement
  • Assist in the migration of applications to run on Cloud for existing systems based on end-user needs and business rationale.
  • Assist team lead to write and table committee papers as required to get new systems and/or platforms, or major refreshes approved.
  • Initiate and lead IT Security related projects.
  • Write Memos to authorize procurements
  • Write Memos to get deviation approvals where required
  • Work with Digital Delivery and DevOps team to support migration of workloads running on-premises to Cloud.

Regulatory and Procedural Expertise

  • Keep up to date and refreshed on required reading related to guiding how IT must be run in a regulated Financial institution. Minimum read list:

–         MAS Technology Risk Management Guidelines (TRMG)

–         MAS Notice 644 – Technology Risk Management.

–         MAS Notice 655 – Cyber Hygiene

–         MAS Outsourcing Guidelines

–         RHB Group IT Security Guidelines and SG addendum/s

–         SG Patching Guidelines

–         SG Backup Guidelines

–         SG Technology Department Operational Manual (OM)

–         SG IT Standard Operational Procedures (SOP), and System Manuals (SM)

–         SG Procurement Operational Manual (OM)

Other Responsibilities

  • Participate in Monthly Technology Department meetings.
  • Participate in regular Team meeting.
  • Use Department issue and work tracking platform.
  • Maintain and keep up to date team knowledge base and assist in updating team document assets such as system manual / standard operating procedures (SOP), and operations manuals

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma/ Degree with min. 10 years of experience as an IT Security specialist working at an established financial services institution based out of Singapore or Malaysia.
  • Vendor accreditation for the suite of security components.
  • Experience managing vendors
  • Network security: Juniper firewalls, Checkpoint firewalls, Fortigate firewalls, Macfee IPS, VPN, RSA MFA, Tufin firewall rules checker
  • Content Security: Macfee DLP, Trendmicro proxies and filters, Office scan, Deep security, Inspector
  • VA and Security Standards: Tripwire configuration compliance verification, Nessus VA scanning
  • Endpoint security: Trendmicro officescan, EDR
  • Host based security: Trendmicro deep security
  • Security Information Mgmt and monitoring.: Ensign SOC, SIEM, AWS Guardduty and Security hub, Mcafee NSP, Trendmicro deep discovery inspector, Imperva DB monitoring
  • Others: HSM, Certificates, KMS, WAF, AWS Cloudfront, Independent Pen testing
  • PAM: Mastersam
  • Identity: AD, ADFS, LDAP
  • DDOS: Telco subscribed clean pipe services
  • Strong project management, communication and documentation skills, well organized, customer focus and reliable
  • Able to articulate IT Security principles, standards and best practices
  • Ability to manage outsourcing SLA and relationships
  • Familiarity with AWS or other CSP cloud platforms.

Closing on 13 Mar 2021

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