Considering a Mid-Career Switch? Check out what the Healthcare & Community Care Sector has to offer!

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The demand for healthcare and community care professionals is set to grow, with the call for improved quality of healthcare for the ageing population and to curb rising incidences of chronic diseases.

Training will be provided for healthcare workers looking to further develop themselves, as well as those who want to make healthcare and community care their new career. This entails a suite of conversion programmes, on-the-job training, continuous development and salary enhancements to support the growth of a sector with a workforce size of over 100,000 healthcare workers.

If you have a passion to serve the community, making a mid-career switch is possible. Here are  three healthcare and community care jobs in Singapore you can consider.

1. Registered and Enrolled Nurse

Healthcare remains a critical cornerstone of a well-functioning society - a trained nurse sits at the core of its provision. Whether you’re at a polyclinic, hospital or medical centre, a nurse ensures daily medical procedures are carried out accurately and with proficiency. Aside from clinical expertise, such as wound care and IV insertions, nurses also hone soft skills including interpersonal communication when conversing with patients and doctors, time management and adaptability during busy shifts, as well as empathy when working with terminally ill patients and their families.

One of the healthcare jobs in Singapore that offers strong career progression is nursing. Nurses can enjoy a long-term and stable career filled with purpose and professional development opportunities. The various areas of work include:

  1. Clinical: Provide direct care to patients, and identify gaps in healthcare delivery
  2. Management: Lead a team of nurses, oversee ward operations and overall patient care
  3. Education: Train and develop new and current nurses

Professional Conversion Programme for Nurses

To kickstart your career as a nurse requires foundational skills, which the Professional Conversion Programme (PCP) offers. Before registering for the PCP, you should decide on the desired career track in line with your competencies and desired area of expertise.

1. Enrolled Nurse:

Perform direct nursing care and assist with day-to-day clinical procedures to ensure smooth delivery of healthcare to patients, under the professional supervision of a Registered Nurse. 

Opt for a two-year NITEC course in Nursing at the Institute of Technical Education College East. For more information on PCP for Enrolled Nurses, please click here.

2. Registered Nurse:

Assess patients' physical and mental well-being, perform clinical procedures and provide complex or specialised care when required, and help improve patients' health.

Choose between a two-year Bachelor of Science (Nursing) at NUS Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies OR a two-year accelerated Diploma in Nursing at Nanyang Polytechnic or Ngee Ann Polytechnic. More information on PCP for Registered Nurses (diploma) can be found here, and more information on PCP for Registered Nurses (degree) can be found here.

Do You Know?

Applications for the PCP for Registered Nurse (Diploma) are currently open between 1 Apr – 31 May 2021! Click here to apply. 


2. Allied Health Professional

Healthcare careers in Singapore go beyond nurses and doctors. If you are keen on other healthcare professional roles,  being an Allied Health Professional may be a suitable career to embark on. Some Allied Health Professionals include Diagnostic Radiographers, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists.

Professional Conversion Programme for Allied Health Professionals

If you’re considering a career in Allied Health, a PCP in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy or Diagnostic Radiography offers an excellent head start.

1. Physiotherapist

Assess and treat human movement disorders caused by physical disabilities, trauma or illness, and help patients to recover their physical conditions through various rehabilitation techniques.

2. Occupational Therapist

Help patients develop and maintain their capacity to perform day-to-day tasks, live more independently and reintegrate with life at home, work and society.

3. Diagnostic Radiographer

Employ various state-of-the-art technologies to produce radiographic images of the human body to detect medical illness and injury.

Opt for a two-year accelerated degree in Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy, or a four-year degree in Diagnostic Radiography at Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT). For more details on PCP for Allied Health Professionals, please click here. 

A fulfilling career in healthcare & community care

Regardless of the career path you choose, healthcare and community care jobs are some of the most fulfilling professions where you are continuously driven to help various groups of people in Singapore society.

Start exploring potential vacancies via our Virtual Career Fair and plan your mid-career switch.

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