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Working in the healthcare sector can be an immensely rewarding experience, especially if you’ve a natural desire or passion for helping people. Healthcare and community care jobs range from being fast-paced and having a positive salary outlook to offering ample work stimulation and career opportunities.

If you’ve yet to explore your career options, we’ve previously covered the top three entry-level healthcare and community care jobs - the right job is out there for you!

3 Tips for Jobseekers

You’ve got all the qualifications required to work in various healthcare jobs in Singapore, so, what’s next? Interviews, of course. Regardless of your vocation, interviews are challenging for anyone. However, demonstrating your suitability as a candidate is possible with preparation and confidence.

There is no end to the advice you get online - we’ve compiled three main takeaways to help out jobseekers keen on the community care sector!

1. Communicate your ambitions to work in healthcare jobs

Many interviewers look for passion and grit in candidates, especially if you’re gunning for jobs in healthcare and community care. Sure, jobs in this sector are varied and suit a multitude of skills, but they’re also challenging. From emotional labour to demanding hours (at times!), those with a heart for serving will do well.

Backed with the relevant skills and passion, your interview is now an opportunity to demonstrate how you add value to the sector.

Types of questions that relate to your job satisfaction, career goals, and commitment:

●      Tell me about yourself.

●      Why do you want to work in healthcare?

●      What do you find most rewarding about working in healthcare?

2. Show you’ve got what it takes

The ideal candidate will also be able to provide answers that are specific and draw on real-life examples. A job in healthcare, like many others, requires a combination of soft and hard skills. Effective communication, situational awareness, adept problem solving, and a high level of empathy are some of the desirable qualities. Successful interviewees provide structured answers that relay professionalism, proven results, and tactful consideration.

Respond to situationally-based questions using the ‘STAR’ method - Situation, Task, Action, and Result. Recall your past experiences and utilise specific examples that suit the position you’re applying for.

Types of questions that relate to your past achievements and accomplishments:

●      Tell me about a time you had to handle a difficult patient/situation.

●      What are your strengths and weaknesses?

●      What skills do you possess that would make you a good healthcare professional?

3. Speak confidently

Applicable across all job interviews, confidence is a winning trait that many successful interviewees display. It doesn’t matter if you’ve all the right answers and qualifications. Answering hesitantly or with uncertainty will not convince the interviewer that you’re prepared to manage the demands and rigours of working in healthcare.

Being nervous is human. Tackle any fears you have by preparing for the interview in advance and be self-assured in your competence as an individual.

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