[HQ] Manager, Adjunct Manpower & Volunteer Mgt

  • Job Category
    Human Resources, Social Services
  • Job level
  • Contract type
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$4200 - S$4800

Job Description

Job Purpose

The Manager will work closely with Volunteer Management (VM) team to engage, recruit, train and develop volunteers. This will also provide a platform for other organisations and schools to participate in CSR (corporate social responsibility) activities in a sustained manner.

This role will also work closely with HR Department to recruit and draw a framework for managing personnel providing gig employment services.

The key deliverable of this portfolio is to enable a pool of gig workers and trained volunteers for deployment to our service divisions as additional resource to supplement the full-time manpower in delivering quality and timely services to clients.

Key Responsibilities

Recruitment of Volunteers

 Assess volunteer opportunities in consultation with the divisions and match volunteers with relevant assignments

 Develop, administer, and review guidelines for use of volunteers in programmes

 Develop Volunteer Programme materials such as applications, policies and procedures, volunteer regulations, orientation handbooks

Training and Development

 Provide appropriate orientation, guidance and supervision of volunteers

 Train colleagues to work effectively and in collaboration with volunteers

 Identify suitable training programmes for volunteers


 Plan and implement volunteer recognition activities (formal and informal) to appreciate the contribution of volunteers

 Managing volunteer communications such as emails, EDMs, event invitations

 Develop, measure and track volunteer engagement and evaluate the contribution of volunteers yearly

Assessment and Reporting

 Manage and maintain the volunteer database and records

 Administer and monitor expenditures for the volunteer programme against the approved budget

 Oversee annual reporting on the contributions of the volunteer program to the organisation

Recruitment and Management of Gig Employees

 Draw up framework for recruitment, compensation and management of gig employees

 Job Redesign and Review for gig employment

 Training and recognition of gig employees

 Evaluation of impact with the use of Gig employees on service quality and clients

Qualifications and Experience

 Degree or equivalent in HR with 5 or more years of related experience.

 Prior experience managing contingent staffing platforms / systems is a strong advantage

 Prior experience in managing gig employees and high turnover contingent employment is an advantage

 Prior experience with volunteer management would be an added advantage

 Prior experience from social services sector or CSR role is an advantage

 Strong communications skills, proficient in both written and spoken English Language. Ability to speak other languages is an added advantage

 Ability to innovate and adapt HR policies and practices (Comp & Ben matters) to manage manpower needs on the ground.

 Ability to manage multiple projects and work under pressure

 Good interpersonal skills to engage multiple stakeholders

Closing on 11 Mar 2021