#SGUnitedJobs DevOps Engineer (ACE)

  • Job Category
    Information Technology, Public / Civil Service
  • Job level
    Middle Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time

Job Description

The Government Digital Services (GDS) Team aims to spearhead the digital transformation of government. We are a team in GovTech that aims to design and develop software applications that help government agencies better serve the needs of Singaporeans. We adopt an Agile development approach and work towards adopting tech best practices and cutting edge tools. 

As a DevOps Engineer on our team, you should be confident of impacting the team positively by 

  • Enabling customer feedback by reducing time taken from story completion to seeing it in production 
  • Enabling technical feedback by increasing system observability and quantifiability 
  • Enabling business agility by reducing deployment intervals 
  • Facilitating developer efficiency by keeping development environment, CI/CD pipelines, and other ad-hoc processes well-oiled

What to Expect:

  • Write quick code for automation of toil and quality code to instrument codebases for observability
  • Setup/maintain CI/CD pipelines and development/production infrastructure
  • Evaluate third-party services for feasibility of integration
  • Create CLI tools that makes life better for everyone
  • Secure code and development/production artifacts as well as integration of third-party services
  • Manage deployments of bespoke services and jobs
  • Conduct occasional light-weight database tuning, administration, and data extraction
  • Manage and optimise production infrastructure
  • Secure production infrastructure and networks
  • Advise/guide/pair with technical elements on writing production-ready code and business elements on best-practices in software engineering
  • Give sharing on work you have done

How to Succeed:

  • Demonstrated experience and/or familiarity with concepts/technologies in the following list:
    • Code: Shell (/bin/sh), Go, TypeScript, JavaScript, Kotlin
    • Data: MySQL (RDS), CouchDB, Redis
    • Continuous Integration/Delivery: Gitlab CI, Travis
    • Container Orchestration: Kubernetes, Docker Compose
    • Deployments: Helm, Kustomize
    • Logging: FluentD, ElasticSearch
    • Telemetry: Prometheus, Zipkin, Jaegar, Sysdig
    • Visualisations: Grafana, Kibana
    • Security: Harbor, Clair, Vault, Open Policy Agent, Twistlock
    • Service mesh: Istio, LinkerD
    • IaC: Terraform
    • PaaS: AWS 
  • Proficient in debugging/problem-solving
  • Attitude of continuous improvement
  • Able and willing to share ideas and solutions effectively
  • Able to reject business elements gracefully

Closing on 06 Jul 2021