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Assistant Center Manager #SGUnitedJobs

  • Job Category
    Customer Service, Healthcare / Pharmaceutical, Social Services
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$2500 - S$2800

Job Description

Assistant Center Manager

The roles and functions of the Assistant Center Manager as follows:

Role description

· Support Centre Manager in all operational works

· All administrative activity

· Seeing to it that rules and   laws are followed

· The efficiency of activity and personnel

· Development activities


· Business know-how and the   necessary education and training

· Quality know-how

· Personnel know-how

· Legal know-how


· Supervising that company   activity and reporting follow the law and other regulations, and that   confidentiality is honored

· Participating in monthly and   yearly planning

· Risk management in   administration

· Executive Board work

· Sales and Marketing

Decision making

· Participating in   administrative decision making

· Implementation of a quality   management system, its use and development

· Putting   into practice the planned strategies


· Business development

· Activity is law-abiding

· Turnover and the prospects of   profitability

· Controlling the liquidity of   the company

Most important stakeholders

· Managing director: reporting

· Employees of Hovi Care

· Subcontractors and partners

· Management team: reporting

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