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  • Job Category
    Healthcare / Pharmaceutical
  • Job level
    Senior Executive
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$5000 - S$12000

Job Description

The Dentist performs examinations, diagnoses and treats problems with the teeth, gums and tissue in the mouth, and provides preventive or restorative care. Duties include providing gum care, filling cavities, restoring missing teeth and treatment of other oral conditions. This role requires expertise in using different tools and materials for the treatment of patients. He/She also provides advice to patients on how to maintain their oral health.

- Examine X-rays of teeth, gums and jaw for problems.

- Give anaesthetics to keep patients from feeling pain during procedures, if necessary.

- Keep accurate records of patients’ dental structure.

- Keep accurate, complete and appropriate clinical records consistent with the requirements of the practice.

- Make models and measurements for dental appliances, such as dentures, to fit patients, if required.

- Perform oral treatment such as filling, straightening of teeth, repair or removal of teeth.

- Perform preventative oral healthcare such as periodontal treatments or fluoride applications.

- Prescribe antibiotics or other medications as required.

- Review medical history and interview patients on areas of concern.

- Teach patients about diet, flossing, use of fluoride, and other aspects of dental care.

- Teach patients to take care of their mouth and teeth.

- Use X-ray machines to capture teeth, gums and jaw areas to identify oral problems.

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