Development Partner / Senior Development Partner / Senior Associate (Standards)

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    Public / Civil Service
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Job Description

You will be part of the Quality & Excellence team, which leverages an internationally recognised Standards and Conformance (S&C) infrastructure to facilitate trade for Singapore enterprises. You will work with key stakeholders to facilitate the promotion of standards.

Under the Singapore Standardisation Programme, you will work closely with government agencies, institutions of higher learning, professional bodies and industry associations to identify and develop key national and international standards to support the transformation of Singapore’s industries in one of the following areas:
1. IT, cybersecurity, AI, blockchain, renewable energy, energy storage, smart grids and electric vehicles
2. Sustainability, environment & resources, food resilience and biomedical sciences.
3. Workplace safety and health, business resilience and quality management.
4. Services, trade, logistics and transport
5. Smart Nation initiatives

As part of your role, you will be expected to engage key industry stakeholders to manage standardisation projects, implement the promotion and adoption strategies for Singapore standards. You will also be involved in the organizing of events, conferences and seminars to drive public awareness and thought leadership on Quality & Standards.

You should be trained in IT, Engineering or Science, have a strong passion and dedication to grow our Singapore industries through a strong standards and conformance landscape. Strong writing, communication, presentation and project management skills are important as are the abilities to think critically, work independently and cultivate good relationships with partners.

Policymaking and international relations work experience would be an advantage. Deep industry knowledge in IT, cybersecurity, infrastructural projects, biomedical & health, food science, safety, digital innovation, e-financial services, blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, sustainability initiatives & financing and supply chain management would be an advantage.

You may be offered a contract role for the position.

Closing on 21 Apr 2021