Development Partner/Senior Development Partner, Leisure, Hospitality & Education

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    Public / Civil Service
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As a member of the Education team, you will manage companies in the Education sector, which include various types of education services companies ranging from preschool, adult training and education, and enrichment providersDeveloping good relationships with the companies and relevant industry stakeholders is key to ensuring timely, insightful and meaningful engagement to drive industry growth and economic contributions to Singapore.

You are required to understand the enterprises' growth plans and strategies, and identify areas of assistance to facilitate their capabilities upgrading, growth and internationalisation. Being able to provide the best possible execution for projects and dynamic management of relationships to ensure the most satisfactory outcome for the sector is necessary. Your role includes developing, managing and delivering sectoral programmes, project management and promoting the adoption of best practices for the industry.

Education Technology (EdTech) is a key enabler for the education industry and is increasingly playing a prominent role in delivering effective learning outcomes and deepening engagement among parents, teachers and students. You will also be involved in the exciting role of developing and managing the EdTech eco systems and its incumbents, enabling partnerships and collaborations between EdTech and the education corporates for innovation and growth.

You should be results-oriented, able to demonstrate strong business acumen and strategic thinking. Good communications skills and the ability to perform under pressure & in a collaborative environment will put you in good stead. You must be comfortable with writing papers and some business travel for this role. Candidates with three to fours years of relevant working experience in the Education sector would be preferred.

Closing on 03 May 2021