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Job Description

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) aims to transform the delivery of Government digital services by taking an outside-in" view, putting citizens and businesses at the heart of everything we do. We also develop the Smart Nation infrastructure and applications, and facilitate collaboration with citizens and businesses to co-develop technologies.

Join us as we support Singapore’s vision of building a Smart Nation - a nation of possibilities empowered through info-communications technology and related engineering.



The Governance Group within GovTech designs and implements progressive policies that continuously raise the technology standards and respond to the ever-changing nature of security threats. The group also puts in place effective compliance framework and works with all government agencies to achieve this.
This is a Director position within the Governance Group with the responsibility to review, propose recommendations and develop effective infocomm policy, standards, guidelines and best practices, that aims to enhance the overall effectiveness of infocomm governance for whole-of-government. The position is responsible for conceptualising, developing, promulgating and checking on the compliance status across all Government agencies on policies, standards and guidelines within the IM8 framework, to meet GovTech's Strategic Objective to design and implement progressive policies that continuously raise technology standards.


What to Expect:


Policy Development
•    Conceptualise and develop IM8/ technology and data management policies and standards, working with policy owners (MCI and MOF) and harnessing expertise within GovTech, for compliance by all government agencies
•    Continuously review existing governance frameworks and doctrine, and implement the necessary changes to ensure they continue to remain relevant

In order to enable the transformation of government through use of digital and technology.


Compliance Management
•    Plan for and manage audits on agencies for compliance to IM8 policies and standards
•    Evaluate the risk profiles of all government agencies and identify those that require GovTech intervention


In order to raise the compliance levels and quality of ICT governance across whole of government.


Outreach, Advisory & Operations
•    Plan for and manage engagement with agency leaders and stakeholders to enhance their understanding on IM8 policies and obtain feedback for improvement
•    Ensure timely and useful policy advice and clarification are provided to agencies, and evaluate and make recommendation on IM8 policy waivers raised by agencies
•    Ensure that principals and stakeholders, at WOG level, are kept informed of important non-compliances, breaches and incidents in a timely manner, for areas within scope (data breaches, digital services usability, IM8 non-compliance, QMS non-compliance) and track remediation
•    Plan for and ensure that the necessary processes are put in place, and revised in a timely and agile manner in anticipation of changes to landscape and priorities 


In order to improve agencies' alignment to central policy priorities, to allow exceptions to be handled expeditiously and reasonably, and to remove or contain potential harm arising from non-compliances and breaches.


People Development
•    Coach and nurture team members on work matters and professional development


In order to build and sustain a competent and motivated team of individuals who consistently deliver the desired organisational and programme outcomes stated above.


How to Succeed:

•    Minimum a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline
•    Over 15 years of relevant working experience in ICT, of which experience in policy development and compliance management is necessary, and experience in ICT leadership roles (e.g. agency CIO) is much preferred
•    Strong programme/project management skills in managing tight and coherent milestones and outcome delivery
•    Strong communication skills (both verbal and written) necessary in policy consultation, feedback management, management reporting and in general obtaining buy-in from stakeholders
•    Strong analytical and conceptualisation skills to make sense of collected data to determine trends and identify opportunities/ threats, and to readily and quickly put together recommendations by way of policy support/ intervention
•    Strong leadership and people management skills with proven stakeholder management experience




Closing on 31 Dec 2021