Executive Chef

  • Job Category
    General Management, Hospitality, Travel / Tourism
  • Job level
  • Contract type
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$5000 - S$8000

Job Description

The Executive Chef manages kitchen personnel. He/She is responsible for making the administrative decisions for the kitchens. He/She reviews food and beverage purchases as well as develops and standardizes recipes. He/She designs food preparation aesthetics. He/She plans special menu items, designs menus and determines menu prices. He/She maintains safety and sanitation in the kitchens and maintains equipment. He/She recruits, deploys and develops kitchen personnel.
~ Apply principles of basic microbiology.
~ Apply principles of food additives in menu creation.
~ Apply principles of food chemistry.
~ Apply principles of organic and biological chemistry.
~ Apply sensory analysis to food and beverage preparation and presentation.
~ Develop a business plan.
~ Develop a risk management framework, policy and process.
~ Develop and establish financial budget and plans.
~ Develop and maintain business continuity strategies, policies and guidelines.
~ Develop service recovery framework.
~ Drive customer loyalty for service excellence.
~ Establish business strategies for the business function.
~ Manage compliance with food and beverage hygiene policies and procedures.
~ Manage culinary operations.
~ Manage food & beverage operations.
~ Manage high volume food production operations.
~ Manage revenue management.
~ Oversee cost controlling and food purchasing activity.
~ Plan and develop menus for food service establishments.
~ Provide leadership during crisis situations.

Closing on 30 Jan 2022