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Job Description

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) aims to transform the delivery of Government digital services by taking an outside-in" view, putting citizens and businesses at the heart of everything we do. We also develop the Smart Nation infrastructure and applications, and facilitate collaboration with citizens and businesses to co-develop technologies.

Join us as we support Singapore’s vision of building a Smart Nation - a nation of possibilities empowered through info-communications technology and related engineering.

As the Head of MCISO (Cyber Security Group), you will play an instrumental role to lead and govern a digital government that is safe, secure and resilience, delivering technical and operational capabilities to counteract cyber threats.

To achieve the above outcome, one of the critical success factors is to spearhead forward thinking and transformative governance and policies with the objective of strengthening the cyber security posture of government agencies in a manner that is sustainable, pragmatic, and effective within the limitations of the Government and GovTech's mission. You will have to articulate impact or goals aligned with strategic cybersecurity initiatives to the senior management of GovTech and/or the Government and influencing viewpoints to accept and support such initiatives that may impact most/all agencies or even Singapore. Additionally, you must have the practice of picking impactful factors that show depth in knowledge of current cybersecurity technologies and problems.



What to Expect:

  • Provide leadership for the Ministry and its agencies within the constituent through development of appropriate cyber security strategies and action plans
  • Strengthen and develop a security DNA and advise the constituent in enhancing the security capability in dealing with the evolving threat landscape
  • Obtain executive support for information security and is responsible for overall information security risk management for the Ministry to enable MCISO to better advise the management and manage uncertainties and protect its IT asset
  • Provide guidance to MCISO in formulation of information security goals and implementation of appropriate cybersecurity governance to align, comply and support whole-of-government cyber security directions and establish oversight on security governance on Organisation and National security objectives
  • Manage the overall manpower resources allocated to the agency’s cybersecurity function and develop staff to high-performance teams to ensure MCISO drive agency, WOG or National initiatives in heightening the officer awareness and appreciation as well as promote cross-family cyber defence collaboration

How to Succeed:

  • At least a Bachelor Degree in Computer, Engineering or related fields
  • Minimum 15 years of relevant working experience in in ICT/security technical management of which 3 years in the role of a CISO or equivalent
  • A thought leader in cyber security who has strong technical management background with pulse of the latest development in ICT, operation Technology and security (most preferably with at least 3 years of experience as a CISO)
  • Broad knowledge in ICT security domain in security operation and management skills
  • Strong knowledge in information security management and cybersecurity issues that may cause impact at enterprise or national level
  • Possess CISM/CISSP certification or equivalent
  • Familiarity with public sector protocol preferred 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Singapore Citizen only




Closing on 31 Dec 2021