Lead Software Engineer

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    Public / Civil Service
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Job Description

GovTech is seeking a Lead Engineer within CODEX (Core Operations Development Environment and xChange) Tiger team. This is an A-team/SWAT team to help research into new product areas, tinker with code and build proof of concepts. CODEX is a strategic national project, and the CODEX platform presents a huge opportunity to rationalise and consolidate a federated agency hosting and infrastructure through modern cloud architecture implementation and the modernising of Government applications through adoption of agile development practices.

In this role, you are expected to leverage and work closely with the product managers, engineering teams, and public agencies to build and drive the Singapore Government Tech Stack (SGTS) and Government Commercial Cloud (GCC). You will be playing an active role in developing the product roadmap for CODEX. You will be hands on with writing code for quick product tests based on user feedback and sharing the learning with engineering team to shape emerging tech stack products.

Besides working with internal teams, you will experiment with third-party tools both open-source and commercial and support any engineering needs for CODEX to accelerate product awareness, trials and adoption.



What to Expect:

•    Identify important areas of exploration that will make meaningful impact to development experience and carry through by spinning off new projects or improving current processes  
•    Be an independent developer to explore new tools, platforms and processes with the ability to experiment fast and learn effectively
•    Evangelize the new things to development teams to drive quick pilots, and to mentor tech teams in the new areas, by direct involvement
•    Work with engineers from capability center teams to scale the know-how to a broader group
•    Lead to resolve customer/agency problems utilizing the SGTS working with the respective engineering team
•    Evaluate projects / new technology on how they contribute to effective software delivery 

How to succeed
•    Excellent communications and influencing  skills with engineering teams and the wider development community.
•    Hands-on experience in DevOps, especially in scaling up initiatives for a large cross-functional organization .
•    Hands-on/outcome driven engineer that can independently develop working code/assemble use of tools quite quickly  across the stack.
•    Good understanding of the engineering impact towards government policy goals 
•    Good understanding of ground challenges to identify technical problems that needs to be overcome 
•    Possess a mindset to challenge status quo and constantly seeking continuous improvement
•    Happy to work with the present product team, engineering team leads and engineers, and distinguished engineers of GovTech.


Being part of the CODEX Tiger Team, you will be instrumental in helping the public sector agencies to accelerate their cloud journey and enable them to offer top-notch services to Singapore citizens and businesses.




Closing on 01 Feb 2022