Marketing Director

  • Job Category
    Marketing / Public Relations
  • Job level
    Senior Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$6000 - S$8000

Job Description

The Marketing Director drives the organisation's business strategies by setting direction for the organisation's marketing campaigns, programmes and communication plans. He/She is also responsible for advancing public relations for the organisation, formulating data-driven commercial insights and directing budget forecasting activities. The Marketing Director operates in a rapidly transforming business environment and functions through his/her understanding of consumers' preferences, market trends and industry landscape to promote the organisation and optimise its market share. The Marketing Director is an astute, aspiring leader who is able to negotiate strategically. He/She possesses strong business acumen and broad understanding of consumer, market and industry trends.
~ Conceptualise marketing campaigns across offline and digital platforms.
~ Conduct situational analysis to assess the organization's internal and external business environment and landscape.
~ Develop business continuity strategies, policies and plans.
~ Develop crisis management communication guideline.
~ Develop internal and external communication strategies, guidelines and parameters.
~ Develop media relationships.
~ Direct development of marketing messages.
~ Direct public relations activities.
~ Direct the design and development of model used for data-mining.
~ Drive profiling of target customers and market segments for marketing campaigns.
~ Drive the exploration and development of latest data science techniques.
~ Establish marketing objectives and strategies.
~ Establish scope and goals of marketing campaigns.
~ Evaluate local and international business environment and landscape.
~ Formulate budgetary assumptions.
~ Formulate public relations strategies.
~ Identify key focus groups for public relations cultivation.
~ Lead the formulation of data-driven insights and drive the practical application to the business.
~ Manage risk across business units.
~ Work closely with the data architecture and warehouse team to oversee data-mining and analysis process.

Closing on 29 Sep 2021