Research Associate/ Officer (Head & Neck Cancer)

  • Job Category
    Sciences / Laboratory / R&D
  • Job level
  • Contract type
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$3100 - S$4500

Job Description

You will be part of the research team involved in projects related to immune-based therapies for head and neck cancers. This is a research-oriented role, which requires you to be highly motivated in running the experiments that fulfil the research objectives. You will be involved in testing the efficacies of expanded immune cells against tumour cells to evaluate their anti-cancer effectiveness. Results generated from the project will have translatable potential.

Your main job scope includes but not limited to:

  • Plan, design and execute experiments that produce data of publishable quality. 
  • Involve in various wet-lab techniques that include and not limited to: Blood processing, expansion and activation of immune cells, flow cytometry, molecular cloning, multiplex immunohistochemistry, genetic modification of immune cells by using lenti- or retroviral vectors etc.
  • Perform data interpretation, analysis, and keeps proper records of all data and protocols
  • Participate in troubleshooting and optimising key experiment processes
  • Read and keep yourself updated with latest scientific findings
  • Participate actively in lab meetings and journal club presentations
  • Ensure that all research activities performed are in accordance to safety regulations laid out by the institution
  • Contribute in scientific writing for grant proposals and manuscript
  • Participate in maintenance of lab inventory, lab equipment (with other ROs)
  • Perform other duties as assigned by PI or co-investigator in the research team.

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree/ Master Degree in Life Sciences/Biological Sciences or equivalent with at least one year research experience
  • Good knowledge in Immunology and cancer
  • Experience in wet-lab techniques such as blood processing, and flow cytometry is an advantage
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Able to work independently e.g. prior experience in leading a research project as well as carried out technical troubleshooting
  • Knowledge of MS Office software: Word, PowerPoint, Excel
  • Firsthand experience in wet-lab techniques such as cell culture, molecular cloning, protein chemistry and establishing biochemical assays
  • Knowledge in manuscript and grant writing is an advantage

Closing on 02 Feb 2021