School Counsellor (Trained Applicants)

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    Education and Training, Public / Civil Service
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Job Description


As a School Counsellor, your primary role is to work with staff, students, parents, external professionals and community agencies to provide quality school counselling support for students’ mental health, and social-emotional development.

Your key roles and responsibilities include:

1. System Support:

  • Developing suitable school counselling programme including a system for needs analysis, early identification and referral of students with mental health issues and social, emotional and behavioural problems
  • Advising school management on school counselling matters
  • Providing consultation as well as planning and conducting training for staff and parents on pertinent mental health issues and skills for first-line intervention and support
  • Networking with relevant external professionals and community agencies
  • Evaluating and reporting to school management on the state of student mental health in the school, and effectiveness of the school counselling programme

2. Preventive Programme:

  • Developing and conducting small and large group psycho-educational sessions for students on mental health issues and healthy coping strategies
  • Developing and/or making available mental health resources for students, parents and staff

3. Responsive Services:

  • Providing individual and group counselling to students
  • Conference with staff, parents and external professionals / agencies on students being counselled, and conduct home visits where necessary
  • Looking into the referral of students and their families to community resources or external professionals where needed
  • Providing direct crisis intervention and follow-up to students affected by critical incidents
  • Maintaining case consultation records and proper documentation
  • Providing regular updates to school management on progress of students being seen for counselling


  • Applicants should have good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Preferably at least one year of full-time working experience in educating, counselling and/or volunteer work involving children and youths.
  • Applicants should possess a relevant counselling qualification, such as those recognised by the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC).

As applications are processed in batches, applicants can expect to receive an update before the end of the following month.

Closing on 30 Sep 2021