Senior / Assistant Project Engineer, Network Renewal Systems

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    Public / Civil Service
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Job Description

You are required to closely work as a team and assist the engineers/managers in managing documentation, reviewing system design, supervising installation, witnessing testing and commissioning of railway systems to enhance and improve the existing MRT/LRT lines in accordance with the specified requirements. You will be primarily assigned to work on one of the following core areas of specialty:

Integrated Supervisory and Control System (ISCS)
An integrated system with control centres, passenger service centres and equipment rooms that are designed to enable operators to supervise, control and coordinate the safe and efficient movement of passengers and trains. The major subsystems and equipment managed by ISCS include automatic train supervision, power supply system, environmental control system, fire protection system, communications and passenger information systems.

Enhancement and upgrading of the existing Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) signalling system to have a more efficient state of the art driverless automatic train operation. The major subsystem managed by Signalling includes Automatic Train Control (ATC), Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO) and Computer-based Interlocking (CBI) Systems.

Communications System
Enhancement and upgrading on various communications system technologies such as fibre-optic transmissions, digital trunked radio, public address and telephony, CCTV surveillance, and travel information systems.

Maintenance Management System (MMS)
Manages the issuance of work orders for preventive and corrective maintenance, and the tracking of overall assets of the MRT system from trains down to the individual circuit boards.

Access Management System (AMS)
Manages the secure access to all locations within the MRT facilities such as the Depot and stations, and monitors the status of door opening as well as tap card activity to alert staff of unauthorised access.

System Integration and Co-ordination
You will work closely with the Rail Operators and other stakeholders to ensure that various new core systems are correctly and smoothly integrated to the existing systems without compromising the performance of the systems and affecting railway operations. You will also ensure that the civil provisions for the respective systems are made available. You will also ensure that the integrated system is fully compatible and inter-operable with the existing systems respectively.

• Diploma in Electrical / Electronics / Communications / Info-Com or related disciplines
• At least 2 years of relevant working experience
• Good communication skills with some knowledge of slides presentation and report writing
• Able to perform night works including weekends and public holidays
• Those with strong relevant years of experience in railway system will be considered for senior positions
• Please indicate your preference to work on which of the above core systems
• Those without working experience are welcome to apply

Closing on 20 May 2021