Senior Software Engineer (ACE-DLT)

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    Public / Civil Service
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Job Description

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) aims to transform the delivery of Government digital services by taking an outside-in" view, putting citizens and businesses at the heart of everything we do. We also develop the Smart Nation infrastructure and applications, and facilitate collaboration with citizens and businesses to co-develop technologies.
Join us as we support Singapore’s vision of building a Smart Nation - a nation of possibilities empowered through info-communications technology and related engineering.



The Government Digital Services (GDS) Team aims to spearhead the digital transformation of government. Our team aims to design and develop software applications that help government agencies to better serve the needs of the people of Singapore.


What To Expect:

  • Collaborate with government agencies to deliver high-quality software applications according to requirements

  • Provide internal and external consultancy on software design, architecture and platforms

  • Drive adoption of relevant, up-to-date technologies, practices and tools in Agile software projects

  • Guide/mentor fellow developers, to grow the overall competency of the team

  • Hands-on work with the team on development tasks


How to Succeed:

  • Experience in moden web application technologies such as Javascript and Typescript (is a plus point)

  • Awareness of modern software engineering practices

  • Awareness of modern web technologies (how the browser work, browser apis, css and whatever makes a modern web app)

  • Experience and/or knowledge Ethereum / Blockchain development is a plus point

  • Experience in Agile development teams, employing relevant methodologies and practices such as Scrum, Extreme Programming, Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Preferred character/personality traits:

    • Has high expectations of self

    • Keen to share knowledge with team mates and mentor fellow developers

    • Keen and quick to learn new skills

    • Self-driven and independent





Closing on 21 Jan 2022