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NCS is an information, communications and technology (ICT) service provider with presence in the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Singapore, NCS helps governments and enterprises digitally transform to better serve their communities. Over the past 30 years, NCS has successfully implemented more than 3,000 large-scale, mission-critical, and multi-platform projects for Singapore‚Äôs government ministries and agencies. Leveraging this extensive experience in public sector projects, NCS has also diversified into other key industry sectors and look to expand its presence into markets across the Asia-Pacific region.

Today, NCS continues to strengthen its CORE services in Business Application, Infrastructure and Communications, whilst investing in NEXT services of Digital, Cloud, Platforms and Cyber to help clients achieve their business goals. NCS also believes in building a strong partner eco-system with leading technology players and research institutions to support open innovation and co-creation. For more information, please visit


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