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SPTel Pte Ltd


SPTel is an ST Engineering and SP Group JV. This enables the company to tap on the strengths of both parents to provide unique connectivity and digital service innovations with the latest in communications technology. Their goal is to be a digital services provider of choice for a Smart Nation future. 

To achieve this, SPTel has built unique fibre pathways to create an alternate backbone for the nation to provide increased network resiliency. Her 2-tier architecture is built to cater to business needs for ultra-low latency performance. To further enhance their service offerings, SPTel has also invested in an intelligent, business class digital network that leverages Aritificial Intelligence to solve problems before they occur, is automated to enable services on demand and comes inbuilt with cyber security. Together with Edge Cloud Computing capabilities and award winning innovations like IoT-as-a-Service, SPTel is set to shake up the ICT scene and support cutting edge 5G smart nation use cases. 

With an industry changing, everything as a service model and her core strengths in resilient, highly available connectivity, SPTel is redefining reliability to deliver and edge for the new age.


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