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Are you a tech-geek at heart? Why not make a living out of your passion in Singapore’s InfoComm Technology (ICT) industry? Whether you are a budding UX Designer, Software Developer, Data Analyst, or simply looking for a mid-career switch, the ICT world has plenty of opportunities for you. However, do you have what it takes to take on the challenges in the ICT industry? Read on to find out what important skills you should possess to navigate your way around the ICT world.

 The Ones Who Bring Fresh Designs to The Table

Drag down to refresh the page and double-tap to “like”. These might seem like negligible actions the average social media user barely gives a second thought to but to a UX designer; these are meticulously thought out in-application functions that keep users scrolling on the application for a longer time. The only reason why we are so accustomed to these seemingly effortless small gestures is that the UX designers behind these ideas have built them so seamlessly into the application that we barely notice them anymore. You might not know this, but tons of research and effort was put into deriving at every minute functions and gestures within an application - which reinforces the importance of heavy research that every UX Designer has to be involved in before designing new in-application functions.

 Research is Key

 While these gestures might seem minuscule, it would have taken the UX designer a ton of research, to back up the design and also days and weeks of collaborative work with project managers and marketing personnel during the design process. When the design is ready, UX designers make it come to life by building a prototype that works, and web developers can then test out the functionality of the design.

 Visual Communication and User Empathy

 Understanding user habits and trends is essential when it comes to designing user interfaces, which is why user empathy is a skill every UX designer needs to have. With that comes visual communication, the heart of UX designing as functions within an application have to be presented in a clear and consistent layout for users to use and adapt to. When it comes to knowing how to present in-application interfaces in a visually coherent and appealing manner, it all boils down to the extensive research the UX Designer has done before starting the design process.

 The Ones Who Keep Your Business Running

Software Developers are responsible for identifying, designing, installing and testing a software system they have built for a company from the ground up. It can range from creating internal programmes that can help businesses be more efficient, to creating systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning systems that can be sold on the open market.

 Cloud Computing Skills

 Cloud-based storage is one of the latest digital transformation trends of recent years, allowing businesses and companies to store their data online and for it to be accessed remotely by employees. Possessing cloud-computing skills will definitely make you a valuable Software Developer candidate. Most companies are going digital, and it helps you become a valuable candidate.

 Understanding “Computer Language”

 As a Software Developer, knowledge of Java script writing and computer networks are integral skills for creating applications and operating systems which are globally accessible or usable. Possessing basic Python skills or being Python-efficient will also give you an extra edge as a candidate for this position since Python is increasing in popularity for being fuss-free when creating simple commands.

 The Ones Who Make Meaning Out of Numbers

Data analysing is not just about reading numbers, but rather making sense of numerical data. A Data Analyst scrutinises information on the daily basis using data analysis tools and translates the data into meaningful results for their employees or clients to make important decisions based on facts and trends.

 Reading Data

 To make sense of data (web traffic, transaction data and more), you will have to be able to read structured query language, the standard database language used in every organisation and considered a basic skill set of any Data Analyst. Microsoft Excel skills are also important in this case, as basic data analysis is usually conducted on Microsoft Excel.

 Critical Thinking

 Critical thinking gives Data Analysts the ability to uncover and synthesise connections between problems and potential solutions. Being able to think out of the box for new solutions will be a great soft skill to bring to the table.

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