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Infocomm is a key enabler for every industry, contributing to Singapore’s economic and social growth. It has greatly enhanced Singapore’s competitiveness by raising productivity and transforming business processes in industries like Finance, Services and Manufacturing.

Singapore is also poised to be an Infocomm hub, attracting multinational giants as well as international tech start-ups and exciting user organisations. Infocomm revenue showed strong growth, reaching $167.05 billion in 2014, at an annualised growth rate of 15% from 2008 to 2014; and employed 150,200 infocomm professionals.

Being a Part of the Infocomm Industry

As Singapore progresses towards becoming a Smart Nation, the Infocomm industry will move towards higher value-add knowledge work and Intellectual Property creation, leading to demand for critical Information and Communication Technology (ICT) skills. According to a Hudson report^, the Infocomm industry continues to exhibit the strong hiring intentions with 55.3% of employers intending to raise their manpower in 2015.

Some typical job roles for the Infocomm Industry

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