#SGUnitedJobs Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Platforms

  • Job Category
    Information Technology, Public / Civil Service
  • Job level
    Middle Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time

Job Description

The Government Technology Agency (GovTech) aims to transform the delivery of Government digital services by taking an "outside-in" view, putting citizens and businesses at the heart of everything we do. We also develop the Smart Nation infrastructure and applications, and facilitate collaboration with citizens and businesses to co-develop technologies.

GovTech's Data Science and Artificial Intelligence team uses technology and data to help deliver high-quality digital services to citizens and businesses in Singapore. We build software for government agencies to better understand and use their data to improve operations and decision making.

Data scientists in GovTech help crack challenging problems through the use of machine learning and other computational methods on government data. You would have the opportunity to work across domains like citizen engagement, healthcare, transport and operations.

Join us as we support Singapore’s vision of building a Smart Nation - a nation of possibilities empowered through info-communications technology and related engineering.

What to Expect:

As a data scientist, you will help to:

  • Improve public service delivery and policy by extracting insights from government data

  • Work closely with product managers, data scientists and engineers to develop, test and deploy new data products

  • Write production-quality code and work with engineers to put models into operation

  • Learn new things and impart knowledge with other team members in a multi-disciplinary team

Additionally, more senior data scientists will be expected to establish best practices, share your expertise and mentor other data scientists and help with recruiting.

This job entails bringing your expertise and capability to the public sector -- from coding new systems from scratch to using the best solutions the community has to offer. We use cloud services, open source software, and commodity hardware as far as possible. Knowing what to build and what to reuse lets us avoid wasting time on solved problems and focus on delivering actual value.

In GovTech, there will be opportunities to work on meaningful projects that solve problems pertinent to our society, from transportation, to education, to healthcare. The public sector is full of opportunities where even the simplest software can have a big impact on people’s lives. We are here to improve how we live as a society through what we can offer as a government. If hired, expect the following:

  • Rapid Prototyping - Instead of spending too much time debating ideas we prefer testing them. This identifies potential problems quickly, and more importantly, conveys what is possible to others easily.

  • Ownership - In addition to technical responsibilities, this means having opinions on what is being done and having ideas on what should be done next. Building something that you believe in is the best way to build something good.

  • Continuous Learning - Working on new ideas often means not fully understanding what you are working on. Taking time to learn new architectures, frameworks, technologies, and even languages is not just encouraged but essential.

How to Succeed: 

  • Applicants that are well-versed in Python, JavaScript and Scala will be appreciated but it is not mandatory. Proficiency in at least one language and the ability to learn is what matters to us.

  • Applicants that have experience in working with data and machine learning to solve problems

  • Applicants that have demonstrated the ability to build software write code to solve abstract problems 

  • Applicants that take the initiative to make things happen and able to reason about code with other engineers

  • Applicants that would want to work for the good of the public

Closing on 02 May 2021