#SGunitedJobs Executive (Prototype Programming)

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    Information Technology, Public / Civil Service
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Job Description

Job Description
You develop a solution that can enhance the current 3D body and foot scans conducted for pre-enlistees at CMPB. You are required to develop a prototype programming solution and deliver a concept demonstration as part of our continual efforts to improve the accuracy of personal equipment (PE) sizing for our servicemen.

You are tasked to:
• Draw up the list of relevant body measurements for the No. 4 uniform top and pants, helmet and boots;
• Explore the use of reflective domes which can be placed at key anatomical landmarks to improve the accuracy of 3D scans;
• Develop the software coding to allow the system to make the right sizing recommendation based on the body measurements; and
• Develop a solution to enable the transmission of the sizing information to the pre-enlistees.

Key Requirements
• Proficient in IT and Microsoft Office software/application
• Proficient in computer coding and programming languages
• Proficient in cybersecurity skills
• Excellent project and time management skills

Other Information
• Successful candidates will be offered a 3-month contract, with a monthly remuneration of S$2,000
• Only shortlisted candidates will be notified

To apply, please submit your application at https://go.gov.sg/mindefste. Only applications submitted through this form will be processed.

Closing on 09 May 2021