#SGUnitedJobs Software Engineer (ACE-MCF)

  • Job Category
    Information Technology, Public / Civil Service
  • Job level
    Middle Management
  • Contract type
    Full Time

Job Description

The Government Digital Services (GDS) team aims to spearhead the digital transformation of government. We aim to design and develop software applications that help government agencies better serve the needs of Singaporeans. We adopt an Agile development approach and work towards adopting tech best practices and cutting edge tools.

As a software engineer, you will:

  • Build prototypes to demonstrate technology opportunities
  • Design system architectures
  • Write production quality code, and
  • Manage deployments to cloud and (occasionally) on-premise infrastructure
  • Learn and share knowledge in a multi-disciplinary team

Additionally, more senior engineers will be expected to:

  • Establish best practices
  • Share your expertise and mentor other engineers

Skills we look out for:

  • Experience with modern web applications in JavaScript (ES 5/6) is a must-have
  • Experience in creation/maintenance of APIs using Node.js is highly advantageous
  • Experience in front-end development with React.js is highly advantageous
  • Experience in automated testing using JavaScript testing frameworks/libraries such as Karma, Mocha, Chai and Sinon is highly advantageous.
  • Experience with database management/usage (both relational and non-relational), and handling of data in different environments is highly advantageous.
  • Experience in feature testing using a Selenium-based framework is a nice bonus
  • Experience in tooling processes for modern web applications using Webpack and Gulp is a nice bonus.
  • Experience in using Docker containers, development of CI/CD pipelines, and deployment using cloud services such as AWS/PasSes/your own private servers is a nice bonus.
  • Experience in the software development lifecycle in an Agile Scrum context is a plus point.

Character traits we look out for:

  • Passion for creating products
  • Keen sense of learning & self-discovery
  • Willingness & capability to impart knowledge
  • High level of self-awareness
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Growth mindset

Closing on 14 Jul 2021