• Job Category
    Engineering, Information Technology
  • Job level
  • Contract type
    Full Time
  • Location
  • Salary
    S$9000 - S$18000

Job Description


1. Responsible for the R&D of BIGO Redis, self-developed KV (with extremely high availability and strong consistency two areas), and self-developed cache system to ensure that the system is stable, low latency, high availability, and easy to scale under extremely high concurrent access scenarios

2. In-depth understanding of the storage requirements of business scenarios, responsible for the transformation and optimisation of middleware, and complete the platform of services

3. Responsible for the R&D of K8s Operator and related platforms for Cloud Native and Cloud Based Scenarios.

Job Requirements:

1.Familiar with Linux operating system principles, familiar with common network, multi-threading, IO system development

2. Seasoned software development skill in at least one general purpose programming language on Linux, such as C/C++/Go/Python

3. Familiar with Memcache, Redis, Scylladb, Leveldb/Rocksdb, Cassandra, WiredTiger, TiKV, etc. Experience with reading relevant code implementations and contributing to relevant open source projects is preferred.

4 Good sense of responsibility, team work and communication skills.


1. Experience in kernel and operating system development

2. Experience in Large-scale platform development using C ++/Golang

3. Experience in virtualization, Openstack, K8S and other related system's R&D

Closing on 13 Nov 2021