Comms Engineer/ Senior Comms Engineer

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    Information Technology, Public / Civil Service
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    Full Time

Job Description

Comms Engineer/ Senior Comms Engineer
Job Description
Singapore’s economy is digitalising, and communications and connectivity is a critical foundational layer that supports digital services. Wireless technologies such as 5G, is no longer about providing simply a connectivity pipe, but is increasingly providing integrated services as part of the core technology. As a member of the IMDA Comms and Connectivity technical team, you will be applying your expertise in the area of wireless communications technology to develop foundational tools such as modelling and simulation tools, to perform quick assessment of hypothesis, and conducting test and measurements, to assess and validate performance of uses cases.  
Key Responsibilities
  • Lead the development of a simulation system, leveraging on advanced commercial RF, Network and other simulation tools, to perform use case performance assessment focusing on the comms and connectivity layer. 
  • To track, evaluate and identify potential products/solutions that could augment or be integrated into the simulation system to provide new capabilities, or to adapt and improve existing ones using modelling and physical measurements from trials and experiments.
  • Lead in the planning, designing, conduct and analysis of use cases simulation, leveraging on the developed simulation system.
  • Plan and collect applications and services network traffic profile to support modelling and simulation of use cases.
  • Collaborate with industry and academic partners to calibrate or adjust the various models in the modelling and simulation environment. 
Qualifications and Skills
  • Relevant background in Telecommunications Engineering (or equivalent)
  • Knowledge and experience on network simulation/ emulation tools, RF simulation tools, traffic profiling tools and network measurement tools. 
  • Experience in applications and services used in enterprise and industrial use cases preferred.
  • Experience in software coding to integrate of various tools and automate simulation process is preferred. 
  • Knowledge in 5G and other communications technology (e.g. understanding of 5G protocols, network performance parameters, etc).
  • 3-5 years of experience in relevant field(s). Fresh grads will be considered. Position will commensurate with experience.
  • Willingness to learn and understand new technologies.
  • Strong technical aptitude, including excellent analysing and troubleshooting skills.
  • Ability to multi-task and work as a team in a fast-paced and complex work environment.

Position will commensurate with experience.

Only short-listed candidates will be notified.

Closing on 23 Jun 2021